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GCHS PHILANTHROPY WEEK 2022: We Are Closing In On Our $200,000 Goal!

Hello Fellow Rams!!! We are closing in quickly on our school goal of $200,000 raised during Philanthropy Week 2022, a campaign that will provide tuition assistance to future Rams and their families! Df66dff8-3982-43a4-90bc-e49b0a6e93f2
We are happy to announce two new Ram Club Leadership gifts today. A shout out to:
• Andrew and Lauren Walker, representing the Classes of 1998 and 1999, and 
• Scott Bennett, Class of 1975.
These alumni recently made generous Leadership gifts of $5,000 apiece. This brings the total number of Leadership gifts of $110,000.
Overall, to date we have received:
• 345 Total Gifts
• $171,815.00 in gifts and pledges
That means that Gloucester Catholic has reached 86% of our goal...THANK YOU! Now, we are just $28,000 from reaching our $200,000 goal!
Please consider making a gift to help make Philanthropy Week 2022 a success!! Scroll down to see three easy ways to donate!
Join the Club -- Make a Leadership Gift! 
Here is the complete list of Philanthropy 2022 Leadership Gifts of $5,000 or more:
Nicholas '61 & Roselynn Calio -- Dominican Club
George Batavick '66 -- Dominican Club
Thomas '70 and Mary Iacovone -- Maroon Club
Patrick Peyton '77 -- Maroon Club
John Smithson '64 -- Ram Club
Thomas '79 and Stephanie Petrella -- Ram Club
Maggie Burke Shindle '68 -- Ram Club
McGlade Family -- Ram Club
Dan Sheeran '80 -- Ram Club
Dr. Greg Haines '10 and Kelsey Haines '10 -- Ram Club
Andrew '98 and Lauren '99 Walker -- Ram Club
Scott Bennett '75 -- Ram Club
We invite you to make a Leadership Gift at one of the following club levels:
Ram -- $5,000
Maroon -- $10,000
Gold -- $20,000
Dominican -- $25,000 and over
If you would like additional information, please contact Pat Murphy at
Kindly make check payable to:
Gloucester Catholic
333 Ridgeway Street,
Gloucester City, NJ 08030
MEMO PW 2022