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Federal Emergency Management Agency
In accordance with 44 CFR §9.8 for Executive Orders 11988 & 11990
Proposed Security Enhancements
Camden NJ Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia County, PA and Camden County, NJ

Notification is hereby given to the public of the intent of the Department of Homeland Security-Federal Emergency Management Agency (DHS-FEMA) to provide federal funding to the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) as the recipient for the proposed security enhancement of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, which connects the City of Philadelphia, PA to the City of Camden, NJ over the Delaware River. Funding will be provided through the Port Security Grant Program (PSGP). The purpose of the PSGP is to support security enhancements for critical port infrastructure that may be vulnerable to potential acts of terror. This notification is given in accordance with Executive Order (EO) 11988 (Floodplain Management), Executive Order (EO) 11990 (Protection of Wetlands), Federal Coastal Zone Management Act, and 44 CFR Part 9, regulations for implementing EO 11988-11990.  

The proposed scope of work entails the installation and upgrade of the electronic security system (ESS) and access controls with intrusion detection on access points. The project site is located in the 100-year floodplain, which means that the new security equipment has the potential to be affected by the floodplain. Alternatives considered include: 1) taking no action or 2) the proposed alternative, which is target hardening the bridge anchorage and access points at their current locations. FEMA has determined that hardening this critical transportation infrastructure at its current location is the most practicable alternative. This alternative also meets the security grant program goals to enhance the protection of the public. Potential impacts to water quality or aquatic habitat are anticipated to be negligible during construction for this scope of work.

Comments about this project, potential alternatives, and floodplain impacts may be addressed in writing, within 15 days of the date of this publication, to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency – Region 2 and Region 3– Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation, Mitigation Division, One World Trade Center, Suite 53, New York, NY  10007 or submitted via email to [email protected]. If substantive comments are received, FEMA will evaluate and address the comments as part of the environmental documentation for this project.