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GUEST OPINION: Twitter Censors Free Speech Again

Bill Donohue | CNBNews Contributor


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Twitter’s censorship of free speech:

Every sane person in the country knows that we cannot switch our sex. Men cannot become women, and women cannot become men. This is not debatable—nature has settled the issue. To be more exact, we cannot change our chromosomal makeup. Not even those who work in Silicon Valley can do that.

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Those who work at Twitter disagree. Worse, they will punish anyone who disagrees with them. Their latest victim is Vicky Hartzler, a candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in Missouri. Last month she tweeted, “Women’s sports are for women, not men pretending to be women.” For that, and that alone, Twitter suspended her personal account.

Hartzler was referring to the case of Lia Thomas, the male University of Pennsylvania swimmer who is unfairly allowed to compete against women. He claims to be a woman, which is manifestly false, but that is considered dispositive at Penn. He also walks around naked in front of women in the locker room, and the women can do nothing about it. So much for women’s rights.

Moreover, when the women complain, they are told they have no right to ostracize him. So the victimizer is now the potential victim, and those who have been victimized have no rights. If common sense and common decency were operatives, he would be arrested for indecent exposure and the administrators would be fired.

It’s time for Congress, and the federal courts, to intervene. This kind of madness must end, and the fascistic response by Twitter must be checked.

It’s not just the elites at Twitter who have gone off the deep end. The Associated Press is billing the story as, “Twitter Suspends US Senate Candidate for Hateful Conduct.” Wrong. What she said was as truthful as it was pedestrian. To top things off, speech is not conducted. So AP is wrong twice.

We stand with Pope Francis who calls gender ideology “demonic.”

Contact Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s General Counsel: [email protected]