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Gloucester City Republican Plan “The First 100 Days”


The GOP Action Plan Addresses Trash and Litter, Street Lighting, Utility Lines, Bring Back Gloucester Day, Marketing, The City Budget


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (March 9, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--First, all three of the Republican candidates, if elected, will personally investigate our water supply concerns to find the truth, which is very likely laying somewhere between what they are telling us and what they aren’t telling us.

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We will also dive into areas we have identified that will have a massive impact on improving the city, areas that can be tackled without straining an already unacceptable budget.


1.Trash and Litter
Gloucester City is notorious for trash issues. First, the ordinance needs to be rewritten to address missing requirements for containers and how and where trash is stored prior to pick up day. And the time allowed to put trash out for pick up needs to be enforced. The better trash is handled and stored during the week, and the better it is controlled being put out for pick up, the better our neighborhoods look, the better health and sanitation is, and much less trash will be allowed to blow away and become “litter”. A social media push announcing the changes in conjunction with notices in newspapers would take place weeks prior to enforcement, at which time warnings will be given first followed by tickets issued.

2. Street-lighting, utility lines.
There is an estimated 10% of the street lights in town that do not work. Lighting our streets is not only a safety concern, but it also showcases our city. We do not have a centralized business district, and it is vital that we are vigilant about keeping every street lit at all times as close to 100% as is realistic. The department responsible for checking and reporting outages can handle this task by patrolling every section of town on scheduled nights and report burned out street lights as well as any other utility issues such as dangling utility lines, missing or defective street signs/traffic controls etc. A system of recording these issues will be designed and implemented, and one person will be assigned to follow up to ensure the issues have been resolved with the appropriate utility company.

One tool we plan to implement to help involve the residents is a public awareness campaign to educate them on how to report a burned out street light and make them aware that they can and should report them. The second tool we are already working on is an app to totally streamline the process of reporting any and all issues residents encounter. A few taps on your screen and done. This is 2022 after all, and this city lags behind in innovation.


3. Bring back Gloucester Day and build on our community spirit, just like the St Patricks Parade we all just enjoyed. And also ensure we continue to expand, not downsize, our Christmas celebration.


4. Marketing and Way-Finding
This is listed 4th, because 1, 2, & 3 need to happen first to present our best image.
Marketing and way-finding is completely absent in any cohesive manner. We are missing out on a massive amount of traffic to our businesses by not enticing traffic off Rt 130 into the heart of town. Approximately 250 vehicles cross Market Street in only ONE green light during the after work rush hour. If we could get just ONE of those hundreds of passers-by per light to think about stopping for dinner, or come back over the weekend with their spouse to try one of our several great restaurants, that would be a significant boost to our businesses. To better facilitate all of this phase, a coalition of restaurant/interested business owners will be formed to guide, inform, and adjust the marketing strategies of the entire City’s venues.


5. Budget. The honest truth is the budget is such a massive failure right now that it will take some time to make improvements to it. And you will always get the honest truth from us. But in the mean time, we will make sure we are getting the absolute most out of your tax dollars. We are being taxed like a premium city, but in reality receiving less than premium governing. We will change that. We will be in every neighborhood on a regular basis, unlike the absent representation we have now that won’t cross west of Broadway to check on what they were elected to govern. Examples are everywhere. Missing sidewalks, trash, blight, a mile stretch of street lights burned out.


In closing, once all of these items are implemented, it will put the entire city on better footing to tackle the bigger issues such as economic development, enticing new businesses to move into all these vacant store fronts, and bringing in new homeownership to fill the vacant homes, and of course prepare for the ultimate goal of developing the waterfront.


source: Gloucester City Republican Party