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PSE&G Storm Warning: Be Prepared for Freezing Rain, Sleet and Snow, Starting Tonight into Friday

Philly Residents Can Expect Troublesome Weather 


Everyone hates bad weather, but unfortunately, this is exactly what residents of Philadelphia can expect on Thursday lasting until Friday the next day. While this will likely only affect residents who live in the northern and western parts of Philadelphia, residents are still advised to take extra care when traveling. It will come as good news though that mass power outages are unlikely, and there shouldn’t be too much disruption as sleet and freezing rain begins to fall over the city. Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 16.12.30

While some people will no doubt need to go out during this time, those who stay at home will be able to avoid the worst of the bad weather. Given the context of the last couple of years, people are no strangers to spending an extended amount of time in the home, but there is no doubt that people have gotten used to this after realizing that a variety of entertainment is available to them that is accessible from home. Online is a good example of this and the industry has risen in popularity of late thanks to a surge of online casinos without a license as these allow people to enjoy a freer gambling experience than is usually possible on licensed casinos.

Those who live in the area will know that February has been a tumultuous year when it comes to the weather. Some may be forgiven for thinking that we currently are not in winter given the fact that on Wednesday, temperatures reached 70 degrees which are numbers that are normally seen around May. This Thursday, the temperatures are expected to be 30-35 degrees colder than this, showing the volatility of February.

The bad weather is not expected to provide a significant danger to residents, which is why the National Weather Service held off on issuing any advisories for the Philadelphia area. On the other hand, it is expected that icing on roads could become a major issue, though this will mainly be seen in Philadelphia’s neighboring counties rather than the city itself. This means that tourists who want to visit the city for its rich history and culture can still do so easily.

As already aforementioned, power outages, while not impossible, are unlikely. This is because of the nature of the weather itself, As the ice will fall as sleet, the ice rocks will bounce off important structures such as wires. This is in comparison to rain, which tends to freeze in contact with structures.

While the weather will take a bad turn this week, this is nothing that Philly residents can’t handle, especially considering the month the region has had to date.