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Top Trending Home Purchases In Gloucester City This Spring

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Gloucester City has always been and will always be a unique and wholly stylish area in which to live. The finger seems to always be on the proverbial pulse on what is up and coming in American home style and décor. 

With that being said, continue reading to discover some of the top trending home purchases in Gloucester City this springtime. 

Lilac Living Rooms

Once upon a time, lilac walls and furnishings were perhaps unofficially reserved for the older generations, but in 2022, the beautiful pastel-purple color is experiencing a comeback. 

You can choose to simply have a feature wall painted in lilac in either your living room, dining room, or even kitchen, or else embrace the lilac revolution wholeheartedly and opt for lilac chairs, carpets, and rugs. 

Oversized Furniture Pieces

For 2022, the bigger and more eye-catching your furniture and furnishings are, the better. One of the best investments you could make is to purchase an oversized bean bag chair which is both hugely fashionable and on-trend and simultaneously one of the comfiest items of furniture out there. 


Scalloped Edging

From roller blinds to cushions, scalloped edging is set to be one of the biggest home trends for 2022 of them all. 

Essentially inspired by the ocean waves, scalloped furnishings, cushions, rugs, and throws are a more whimsical take on the traditional circular or rectangular shapes of 2021 and previously. To take on the scalloped trend to the maximum, you could even perhaps consider edging your skirting boards or ceilings with the same curved edge trim. 


Spring and summer 2022 are both going to be full to the proverbial brim with pink and blue gingham prints. This print serves as a beautiful combination of childhood nostalgia and adult modernism

You could choose to accent your interior living spaces with splashes of gingham, for example, casters, placemats, or even kitchen appliances. Alternatively, an aesthetically striking style decision would be to upgrade your bathroom towels to a bright gingham print in the spring. 

Indoor Plants


As far as the 2022 trend of indoor plants go, this is more of a popular home décor addition which many people across the length and breadth of the United States and further afield choose to have a year in and year out. 

There are many wonderful benefits to adding indoor plants to your home, including but not limited to purer and cleaner air quality, a reduction in anxiety and stress levels, and a calming and therapeutic presence within the home. 

1970s Style

As you will already be aware, everything in life goes around in circles. Some larger circles concern themselves with the current political power, and smaller circles involve fashion and home décor. 

It may well please many of you to learn that all things 1970s style are back on top and trending for spring 2022, and as a result, the high street stores are full of tub chairs, geometric prints, and brushed glass and brass.

These are the top interior design trends to transform your home with this year.