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The ultimate Super Bowl betting guide 

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image courtesy of NFL


The Super Bowl is an event unlike any other, it is the final of the NFL season and a spectacle watched all over the world. An event so huge, millions will tune in to watch and more than a hundred thousand will often descend on the host city for the week leading up to the final.


Betting on the NFL has become very popular with its impressive commercialization across the world, tapping into new markets and making casual observers turn into followers. This has been especially true in the English market with games being played across the Atlantic Ocean in London.


The NFL is split into two conferences, the AFC and the NFC and the winners of each go on to face-off in the Super Bowl. As soon as the divisional finals are completed Super Bowl betting lines and set. 


The point spread is usually the firsts odds to be released and refers to the perceived margin of victory in the game. It is the most popular way to bet on the Super Bowl. The favorite is indicated be a negative value and the underdo by a positive value. For the favorite to win, they must win by a bigger points margin than indicated in the points spread. To win by betting on the underdog, they would need to either win the game or lose by less points than indicated on the spread.


image courtesy of NFL

The money line is the most simple and easy to understand way of betting which is an excellent option for those who are new to the sport. Just picking who you think will be the outright winner, without any other complications. 


A totals bet is a wager on the total number of points to be scored in the match itself by both sides. The sportsbook will set a line on what they believe will be the total and punters are able to bet on it being over or under the value indicated. 


Parlay bets are a riskier way to gamble but come with bigger rewards. This is where you can combine two or more bets into one to get greater odds. Combining bets such as the team to win and the player to score the first touchdown; or the number of yards a quarterback will throw for with the number of receptions of a wide receiver. These examples all require some knowledge of the teams that are competing in order to have the greatest chance of success.


Props bets have become a fun and popular way of betting for many to get involved in Super Bowl betting. These can be team specific on performance, player stats or even events throughout the game such as when the first time out will be taken. With games as big as this there will be almost endless options for props bets from who will win the Most Valuable Player Award or even the coin toss. 


Derivatives are bets that can be made based on a specific quarter of the game. There will be a spread each specific quarter which the punter can wager a higher/lower bet for the points scored within it in total or by just one side. 


As well as in once the two sides are decided to be competing in the Super Bowl, it is possible to predict and bet on who you think will be the winner any time of the year. The longer in advance the longer the odds can be at times. 


All these types of bets can be placed prior to the game being played, especially once the two sides have won their divisional rounds. As well as the options there is the opportunity to bet in play and all good sportsbook providers will offer this service.


image courtesy of NFL


Betting in-play gives punters the opportunity to place bets on the game while watching. This gives the punter to get a feeling of how each side is playing and make predictions on what will happen throughout. If one side looks like they are going to throw the ball more than predicted at the start a punter may place a new bet on total yards the quarter back will throw for, or if the defense look good, the number of interceptions. 


These-play bets will have continuous changing odds as the sportsbook monitors the game as well and punters can view the options available to them and see if they get a feeling for how the game will go and what odds look the most attractive.


Predictions can be made prior to the game from the form and availability of players for the Super Bowl as well as each team’s history against the rival side. Should things start to go differently than expected punters can also save their bets for in-play wagers or add to their bets made prior to the game.