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The Story Behind The Story (VIII) Your Money: NJ Prescription Assistance for Elderly and Disabled


Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor


On January 6, 2022 Governor Phil Murphy announced that the income limits for prescription assistance had been increased by $10,000. That is true but may be confusing to people who never qualified before.


There are actually two levels of assistance.  The first is PAAD Images-1 (Prescription Assistance for the Aged and Disabled) and the second is Senior Gold.  It is only the Senior Gold’s income limit which has increased.  PAAD’s income limit remains the same.


PAAD – In short the requirements are the same as before.  The requirements are:

  • NJ Resident
  • 65 and on Social Security or Disabled (age restrictions)
  • Maximum income is $38,769 for a single person or $45,270 for a married couple
  • Enrolled in Medicare’s Part D program


Benefit – The cost of generic drugs is $5 and for brand drugs $7.

If you think you might qualify, you should call the PAAD Hotline for additional information or questions that are specific to your situation at 800-792-9745.  To apply online, go to


Senior Gold – This is the program where the income limits have increased.  The requirements for Senior Gold are:

  • NJ Resident
  • 65 and on Social Security
  • Maximum income is $48,769 for a single person or $55,270 for a married couple
  • Enrolled in Medicare’s Part D
  • Must be renewed every year.


Benefit – The initial prescriptions cost $15 plus 50% of the remaining cost up to $2,000 if single or $3,000 for a married couple.  After that threshold has been met, the cost is only the $15.

If generic drugs are available, they must be prescribed.  There is not the opportunity to pay more for a brand name.

The initial prescription can only be for a 34 day supply.  In the event that the drug isn’t successful a greater quantity will not have been wasted.  Subsequent refills can be for 34 days or 100 unit doses, whichever is greater.

Again, all questions must be directed to the state hotline for prescription assistance at 800-792-9745 or online at





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