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Video:Ben Gravy and the “Biggest Surf Ever in NJ”

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The dream is absolutely real here at home! This swell is truly the biggest surf ever (in my opinion) that people have attempted to surf in NJ. Winter Storm Izzy brought historic & massive surf in New Jersey & I literally can't even believe my life. These are easily the biggest waves I've ever seen in New Jersey. Not much else can be said, I am baffled!! Thanks for all the stoke & support, FOR THE DREAM!! - Ben Follow Us on Instagram: @bengravyy @jverni_ Clothes & Accessories: Wetsuits: Soft Top Surfboards: CBD Aloha: Fiberglass Surfboards: Skateboards: Music in this VOG: In the Middle Somewhere Larry Poppinz Win Win Win Xack Kenji Ooyy Oddball Jon Björk Light Utopia FormantX Dancing Ted Moorland Songs