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Investing in Mentorship and Community for Black MSP Business Owners

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MSP business owners face a number of obstacles to growth, but for many black-owned MSP business owners, there's a unique set of obstacles. Mentors can play a significant role in helping black MSP business owners clear a path in spite of these obstacles. Mentors have the knowledge and network contacts to help black-owned businesses achieve greater growth.

Mentors can help navigate the rough seas of the MSP sector. Mentors can serve as the navigation tool that points you toward success. Many MSP business owners will admit that their mentor had a direct impact on the growth and success of their business. However, many MSP business owners do not have access to a mentor. That lack of mentorship, especially for black-owned MSPs, can put businesses off course. 

Mentorship and community have a few core elements:

  • Key insights: Through conversations led by experts and thought leaders, black MSP business owners will learn tools, tricks, and tips to help drive business growth. 
  • Community building: Networking is a skill that's increasingly important for black MSP business owners, as building lasting and impactful relationships is essential for helping businesses excel.
  • Expert mentorship: Through this connection, black MSP business owners will gain valuable insight from those who have excelled in multiple areas in the MSP sector and will gladly share what they have learned to help you grow and succeed.

For all business owners and entrepreneurs who are excelling in their journey in the MSP sector, this is a call to action to use your knowledge and network connections to mentor black-owned business owners. Reflect on the support you received. Was that support beneficial to the level of success you have today? Offer that level of support to someone else. If you didn't have the mentor you wanted, but you now understand what it takes to be an effective mentor, be the mentor that you did not have but you wanted to have when you were starting out. Share your knowledge and experiences with black MSP business owners.

How Can Black MSP Business Owners Who Don't Have a Network Connect with Others?

  • Go to places where you know other black MSP business owners will be and introduce yourself. You can also participate in online events that are open to the public. Do not be afraid to go to places where you know you will find the people you want to meet. 
  • You may be surprised at the connections you can make just by using LinkedIn. You can meet with executives from some of the biggest names in the industry. You can connect with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies just by using LinkedIn. With more people working in remote and hybrid workforces, it is becoming easier to connect with people online and form connections and long-lasting relationships. 

Visibility and Representation for Black MSP Business Owners

As far as training and development go, mentorship and community still remain vital to ensuring that black business owners have every opportunity to excel in the MSP industry. A Vice President in the MSP Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 20.06.43industry not only has an understanding of how the industry works but also has gained experiences that can be shared with others in the industry.

Mentorship can also shine a bright light on the vital role that black MSP business owners and leaders have played in shaping the MSP industry in recent years. Understanding the importance of mentorship and community can help rising MSP business owners find their way in an already complex and competitive industry. It's paramount for business owners to build and nurture professional and industry relationships.

Close relationships are critical as some of the conversations will probably be centered around what it feels like to be a black-owned business owner in the MSP industry. Having the support and guidance of a mentor early on in the relationship will be incredibly important. Leaders like Krystal Triumph and others are making contributions to the MSP industry that are helping to build a welcoming environment for future black-owned business owners.