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HIP! HIP! HOORAY! Can We Get A Shout Out for the Camden County Public Works Department

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Virtual Town Meeting to Inform Residents of Gloucester City and Brooklawn About Transportation Improvements to CR 551

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews. 

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December 21, 2018 CNBNews photo

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (December 21, 2018)(CNBNewsnet)—A pedestrian (above, left) was trying to make her way from Brooklawn into Gloucester City via Broadway today around 11 AM.  The tide was receding but even so water was up to her knees. Each time a car sped by the wave from the vehicle would stop her from walking any further. The second arrow in the background points to the Little Timber Creek Bridge that cost $4 million to repair.

Members of the Camden County Freeholder Board are responsible for maintaining Broadway (County Road 551) but they have allowed this condition too exists 40 years if not longer.  A few years ago the Freeholders, using taxpayers money, spent $4 million on repairing the bridge;  but the Freeholder Board never did anything to control the flooding from Little Timber Creek in this section of Broadway. Read further



(Gloucester City)(January 20, 2022)--The  Camden County Public Works Department is holding a virtual meeting to discuss transportation improvements to County Road (CR) 551 better known as New Broadway in Brooklawn and Broadway in Gloucester City.

YEA! Hip! Hip! Hooray!  

Anyone who travels that highway on a daily basis will tell you that any improvements too that road are long overdue. There is one stretch that begins at Broadway and Jersey Avenue in Gloucester City and extends south to New Broadway that is more like a "cow path" than a paved road. The bumps, ruts, and potholes rattle your teeth if you travel any faster than 10 miles per hour. It would be a safe bet that there have been 1000s of vehicles that have been damaged because of the poor condition of that road. It has been in such deplorable condition for decades.

Add to those conditions the flooding that occurs whenever there is an extremely high tide (PHOTO ABOVE)that sometimes makes the road impassable.

Let's not get too excited, we have to keep our composure. We been down this road of promises many times before.

For example in 2000, the Brooklawn Mayor and Council passed a resolution that mentioned the Borough's 1998 request to the New Jersey Transportation Department pertaining to the flooding and high traffic volume 

Those circles were upgraded ?  But, traffic jams at those two locations are a major problem.  

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Two years later the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission issue a 60 plus page report titled US 130 Brooklawn Circles Concept Development Report (dated February 2002) (See copy click)




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In 2012 the county (taxpayers) spent $4.1 million to rebuild the bridge over Little Timber Creek. The bridge connects Gloucester Cnbnews exclusiveCity and Brooklawn via CR 551. For decades, whenever there is a heavy rain or an extreme high tide, that area between the two communities becomes almost impassable at times because of the flooding. 


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In January 2013 New Jersey State Senator Donald Norcross (D-5) at the Brooklawn Borough Council reorganization said the problem of the flooding at the Brooklawn Circle will be addressed. “We will do something about the flooding at the Brooklawn circle,” Sen. Norcross promised those in attendance.


In 2015 Dan Keashen, a spokesman for the county, was asked whether or not the approach from Gloucester City into Brooklawn would be repaired?

Keashen said, “Not at this time.” 

“We had to start first with the repair of the bridge. We plan on expanding out to that approach  in the future.  Between the county and Gloucester City we will be working on a long term project to remediate the main thoroughfare with capital funds and FEMA funding. It will be a multi-million dollar project when all the funding sources are organized.”

The summer of 2019, the Freeholder Board passed a $16 million bond ordinance to make repairs to CR 551 and other highways throughout Camden County.   Bond ordinance here.

Whether this latest effort will come to fruition only time will tell. What is most upsetting to the public and local politicians is the fact that millions have been spent on repairs to the two circles and the approaches to those roundabouts but the problem still exists. Has any one of the contractors who have worked on repairing the circles and CR 551 ever been held accountable for their failures? If not why not?


Due to the COVID-19 Public Health concerns, the Public Information Center will be held virtually on Thursday, January 27, at 6:00PM.


The following information is from the Camden County Public Works website:


Camden County is committed to developing transportation improvements that best balance transportation needs, the environment, community concerns, and costs. Camden County is holding a Virtual Public Information Center to inform local residents, officials, and the community with information on the improvements to two locations along CR. 551 Broadway in Brooklawn Borough and Gloucester City. You are encouraged to participate by providing comments at the meeting, by chat, or by e-mail.

Due to the COVID-19 Public Health concerns, the Public Information Center will be held virtually on Thursday, January 27, at 6:00PM.

To participate in the live virtual Public Information Center, go to Camden County, NJ Public Works Department website at: www.camdencounty.com/service/public-works/. The virtual Public Information Center will be recordeCd and posted to the Public Works Department website. Please visit this website any time between January 27 to March 1st 2022, to learn more about the project and leave comments.

A survey form link for the project is available at https://forms.office.com/g/MR0MVZDqST. Property owners with rental units are advised that tenants are also invited and encouraged to participate.

Meeting Information: 

Join on your computer or mobile app
Click here to join the meeting

Or call in (audio only)
+1 412-634-6334 United States, Pittsburgh
Phone Conference ID: 295 716 918#

Concept Development will be completed by End of Fall 2022

Preliminary Engineering and Final Design will start Spring/Summer of 2023

Federal regulations pertaining to the protection of historic properties referred to as the Section 106 process, require the Camden County and NJDOT to take into account the effect of proposed projects upon historic resources listed in, or eligible for listing in, the National Register of Historic Places. Information about the process is available at: www.achp.gov/sites/default/files/documents/2017-01/CitizenGuide.pdf. Camden County and NJDOT are required to solicit public input to assist in carrying out the Section 106 process. Historic preservation organizations, historical societies, and similar groups, or individuals with information about cultural resources (archaeological or architectural) in the project area are encouraged to attend the Public Information Center and provide comments.

For Further Information Please Contact:
Mr. Andrew Levecchia PP,
AICP Camden County Planner
2311 Egg Harbor Road
Lindenwold, NJ 08021

Katie Daly, PE, CFM
Michael Baker International
300 American Metro Boulevard
Hamilton, NJ 08619
[O] 609-807-9514 / katherine.daly@mbakerintl.com



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