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NJ Developer Attends Meeting with Select Group of City Businessmen/Politicians to Discuss Freedom Pier Plan


If Gloucester City Residents Are Fed-Up With Paying The Highest Taxes In The State of New Jersey?


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews


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 Gloucester City residents are fed up with the continual surge in their property and school taxes as evident when you read the Facebook comments we received on our article

"Gloucester City One of Five Towns with Highest Tax Increase etc ".

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Residents are finally realizing after many decades of high local property and school taxes the only plan these two bodies had to offer  you and others was "TAX AND SPEND."


Gloucester City in the Top 30 with the Highest Property Taxes

Gloucester City Republican Ticket for November’s 2022 Election Announced


That Democratic strategy has led to 955 homes in Gloucester Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 09.47.12 City being in foreclosures according to the widget on our website (left column near the bottom). When that advertisement was first published last summer the number was 810. Some of those properties are in nearby Brooklawn but the majority are in this City. 


It will be interesting to watch what effect if any the three Republican candidates who announced they were running this week for the council-at-large seats in November will have on our taxes this year.


Will this be the year those entrenched Democrats who fell in line each election and voted for candidates just because they were told to do so, break from Party ranks?


Will this be the year these same individuals realized that the City's down ward spiral was caused in part because of a one Party rule? 


Will the upcoming November election be the year for real change in Gloucester City? 


The local Democratic Club is a ghost from the past. It was disbanded. Now one group is being led by King George Norcross and his Camden County Democrat Power Brokers. George was asked to rescue the local Party by former Sheriff Chuck Billingham. Forget about the City Democrats who are led by Mike Billingham, Chuck's son. They (the Democrats) are fighting among themselves and many of them have already abandoned ship eager to kiss George's Crown. 


Does anyone else find it peculiar that suddenly there was a special meeting held last week to announce there is a new plan to build a restaurant on Freedom Pier. It is going to have stores, restaurants, and a marina. On top of the commercial properties there will one bedroom condos. Wow! Where did we hear this proposal before?


NJ Developer Attends Meeting with Select Group of City Businessmen/Politicians to Discuss Freedom Pier Plan


How is it there is always a developer standing in the wings that surfaces whenever the entrenched incumbents are being challenged by a worthy opponent. Remember Gloucester Vista? And, the buses taking residents to Charles and Water Streets to show them the abandoned factories where The Vista was going to be built. Of course those same tour bus drivers and politicians forgot to tell you that the ground was contaminated and unsafe for residential homes.


In our opinion those in power all these years really didn't give a damn about you; if they did you wouldn't be paying some of the highest taxes in this state and in Camden County. No, all they wanted was the power and with that power came jobs for their families and friends.


Time will tell if change is actually on the horizon.


Only time will tell. 


The comments below were posted on the snippet of our January 19, 2022 article that we published on our Facebook page with the headline Gloucester City One Of Five Towns In Camden County With The Highest Tax Percentage Increase In 2021


Glenn —Imagine if you will it's only going up again no end in sight and or a reduction

Jerry —What a disgrace

Wayne —When did the residents in this town be considered poor we were always a blue-collar town hard-working people proud people now were considered poor that is pathetic go to work people it will never kill you I'm living proof of that and it will make you feel good. I was raised in this town I am 64 and I lived here all but 5 years and please there are trash cans all over this city stop littering thank you

Sue—Is There Any Thing That Can Be Fixed To Lower Tax’s People Are Struggling 

Leigh —Keep voting for the same people and nothing will change. Those who can afford to leave will do just that.

John —Been poor for a long time blue-collar is gone thanks to Mayor & Council

Frank —I'm going to bite my tongue. I don't want to start trouble
But something has to be done !! AND FAST !!!

Rosemarie—Keep voting blue and that’ll be the end of Gloucester city and others in our area

Joan —That is so sad 

William —I left in 2007 too many regulations and taxes. GC was no longer affordable..a shame.
How can people afford that? It's like a cheap rental every month. I miss those $1200 a year taxes. Moved away to get it.

Kathleen —Pay rate is not getting raised but taxes are? Makes it very hard to survive doesn't it kind of like but cutting off your nose to spite your face

Dorothy ….KathleenThe police salaries just went up, starting salary is now 99,139. You know the firefighter salaries will go soon, too. Where is that money coming from? More taxes but the taxpayers had nothing to say because we weren't told until after it was done.

Colleen—Sad raised taxes in the middle of a pandemic

Charles —And one of the highest tax rates in New Jersey?

John —You have to be crazy to live in NJ

Gary —and the lowest percent supporters of President Trump...hmmm

Michael --Lindenwold being the highest