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Gloucester City Republicans Announce Names of Candidates for November 2022 Election


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (January 10, 2021)(CNBNews)--Republican Jason Fanning, a 
Gloucester City resident, and business owner released the following statement today pertaining to the November 8, 2022, municipal election for the city council. This past November Fanning ran an unsuccessful race against Democrat Rob Page for the one year unexpired at large seat.

Fanning has not given up. His statement reads as follows; 


Gloucester City, I come to you to say, "Those who don’t change their mind, don’t change anything."


We, as a nation, have been divided for so long and for so many reasons that don’t benefit us. That division has trickled down, doing immense damage to so many cities, including our own. Party politics that benefits none of us has become a daily part of our lives. It doesn’t need to stay that way.


Last fall, I challenged for a seat on the City Council, severely underfunded and understaffed, going toe to toe with a machine that should have never been allowed to build itself over the past 20 years. This fall, I will again challenge for a seat on the City Council, along with a running mate. Not as Republicans versus Democrats. That way of thinking is a thing of the past. 


We will challenge those seats because we love this city. All of us love this city for our own reasons. We have a strong mayor and a bright young councilman. Our mayor and councilmen need a lot of fresh thinking to tackle the challenges we face as a city. We believe we can provide the help the city so desperately needs. 


These challenges cannot be resolved until we agree to elect leaders based on their ability and not their party affiliation. 


Gloucester City here is your Republican ticket for two of the three City Council At-Large seats up for election this fall. 


Jason Fanning: Former US Army Combat Engineer, "No Mission Too Difficult". Jason is also a successful businessman who built the largest company in his trade in South Jersey, with a reach as far west as the Pacific Coast. Jason also has executive experience governing a small community, which he brought into a new era of prosperity while simultaneously lowering the budget. With a track record of creating positive results, Jason is the exact kind of leadership this city needs at this critical tipping point. 


New to the ticket for 2022:

James Muller: James is a lifelong Gloucester City resident. James is an eye witness to Gloucester City’s fall from grace over the past few decades and the failed policies that caused it. These are the exact kinds of roots we need at this critical tipping point in order to bring our city into a Renaissance. James has the connection to Gloucester City’s past and will dig in deep to ask why we can’t connect that great past to the present and beyond.


We have assembled a Republican committee consisting of excellent local minds willing to support progress, and we are ready and willing to work to make "Where Great Things Are Happening" a truthful slogan.


We all look forward to campaigning and meeting all of you to hear and address your concerns. Together, we have the knowledge, experience, dedication, and heart needed to guide us all forward.


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