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Care Net Launches New Pro-Life Survey; A 2021 Study on Men and Abortion, Live Webinar Jan. 19

LANSDOWNE, VA — On Wednesday, January 19, Care Net will host a live webinar, announcing a 2021 study on men and abortion. In the first national survey of its kind, the nonprofit group commissioned a study of 1,000 men whose partner or spouse had an abortion. 

Roland Warren, president and CEO of Care Net, will be joined by Scott McConnell and Lisa Hogan. The panel will highlight key findings from the study, including the role and involvement of the Church in abortion decisions.  

Register here to join the live webinar from 3:00pm to 3:45pm ET. 

“Fear of shame and condemnation from the Church appears to be deterring Christians from talking about their unplanned pregnancies with those that they would otherwise trust as sources of hope and help,” Warren explained. “Indeed, it seems that Christian men are more afraid of how an unplanned pregnancy will damage their reputation than they are of how an abortion will. At a minimum, they know abortion is easier to hide than an unplanned pregnancy. This is a very loud and clear clarion call for the Church to change the way it handles and responds to unplanned pregnancies.”

The survey emphasizes the need to educate and equip the Church on how to help men and women facing unplanned pregnancies, supporting them not just before birth, but after. Care Net’s Pro Abundant Life approach encourages mothers and fathers to transform their families through relationships with Jesus Christ—relinking motherhood, fatherhood, pregnancy, and marriage consistent with God’s design.

Data from the study also suggests that if men are encouraged to responsibly engage in the decision-making process with the mothers of their unborn children, more lives could be saved from abortion each year. 

The survey was commissioned by Care Net with polling conducted by LifeWay Research. Care Net continues to help couples choose life over abortion with a network of nearly 1,200 life-affirming pregnancy centers in North America, a growing network of churches, and a national hotline that provides pregnancy decision coaching. 

Founded in 1975, Care Net supports one of the largest networks of pregnancy centers in North America and runs the nation's only call center providing immediate, real-time pregnancy decision coaching. Acknowledging that every human life begins at conception and is worthy of protection, Care Net offers compassion, hope, and help to anyone considering abortion by presenting them with realistic alternatives and Christ-centered support through its life-affirming network of pregnancy centers, churches, organizations, and individuals.