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Best TV shows for light entertainment on Freeview TV


Although the majority of people now-a-days resort to streaming services to watch their favourite shows and series, some of the best TV shows have been broadcasted on live Freeview TV. In order to access Freeview TV, all that is required is a standard TV, an aerial and a tuning service. If you require an aerial installation or tuning for your TV, the professionals at be more than happy to assist with this to ensure you have a quality TV display and reception to watch your favourite shows.  

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here  

Strongly considered as one of the UK’s favourite TV shows, it is no surprise as to why I’m A Celebrity is still a fan favourite after initially airing around 19 years ago. It has engrossed viewers over the years with its display of witty humour from the hosts Ant and Dec, as well as the hilarity and uncertainty of the infamous bushtucker trials. Viewers get the opportunity to watch celebrities they would never normally see in a jungle environment endure harsh challenges and conditions, and keep up to date with their personal progress, which keeps viewers hooked from episode one. Even with the difficulties of Covid-19, the I’m a celebrity producers have not let this obstacle get in their way, and one of the best TV shows that normally takes place in Australia, has now relocated to Wales. As this show continues to dominate with massive TV ratings, you can catch it on both STV and ITV, which are both available on UK Freeview TV, usually towards the end of November.  

The Simpsons

Airing in 1989, the animated American sitcom, The Simpsons has been airing for a whopping 32 years on our TV screens. How has it remained on TV that long you ask? Well, evidently the viewers love it. The Simpsons allows viewers to see a perception of life that is very realistic. Focused on a dysfunctional family who display their thoughts, emotions, behaviours and life in general, the content shown in The Simpsons allows viewers to cry with laugher at the abnormal life of each character. The Simpsons can be considered one of the best shows of the 20th century and has won several awards, so it is no surprise that Freeview TV still choose to broadcast it on Channel 4 daily.  

Family Guy

Much like The Simpsons, Family Guy, created by Seth Macfarlane focuses on another dysfunctional American family and also appears to be a fan favourite amongst viewers. Family Guy features more explicit, dark humour and although it is animated, can be directed towards older viewers due to the potentially offensive jokes that are made. Family Guy can be viewed on ITV on British Freeview and episodes appear to be randomly selected, so, if you are looking for some hysterical yet ironic entertainment, make sure to give it a watch.  

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom that incorporates education with comedy, being one of the reasons why it is considered one of the best TV shows. It involves a group of friends who are all involved in science-related jobs, with several different storylines within each thirty-minute episode. It can be considered as one of the biggest shows on TV and has topped a massive 19.3 million viewers. The Big Bang Theory is also considered as an easy show to watch; it is not a continuous series that you need to keep up to date with and viewers could jump into any episode at any time and still be entertained. The show can be enjoyed by people from all backgrounds which is why UK digital TV continue to broadcast it on their E4 channel several times a day.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

As another E4 favourite, Brooklyn Nine-Nine combines comedy with crime by featuring a group of American police detectives and the challenges they are presented with from their captain. The show features a variety of unique characters who provide humour through their one-liners and social issues. Much like The Big Bang Theory, this show is an easy watch and viewers can become hooked off one episode. The show can also be considered educational and some episodes can offer viewers valuable life lessons.

This proves that the best TV shows for light entertainment are not always provided through streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu etc. Freeview has over 70 channels and these favourites can be found within them, not to mention it is free. If you are struggling to access any of these channels, do not hesitate to contact a professional from who will be able to help with TV programming.