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Ben Affleck and Gambling Addiction: Are the Rumors True?


The classic definition of gambling addiction is loss of control. The addicted person simply cannot stop, even if the results of his behavior cause him tangible harm. That Ben Affleck likes and knows how to play blackjack is a fact. We do not undertake to state whether it has harmed him, i.e., whether he has suffered irreparable financial damage due to his gambling addiction. 

A victim of gambling addiction continues to gamble, for instance, spinning the reels of da vinci diamonds slots without being able to stop. This creates a spiral at the end of which is the inability to stop at the right moment. This can lead to existential rewards, such as financial ruin. In the case of Ben Affleck, none of this is known. Simply put: The well-earning star could afford the losses; they could not become ruinous for him at any time. And it wasn't just the losses.

In 2014, Ben Affleck first made negative headlines when he was asked to leave the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. The reason: he had counted the cards at blackjack, which can increase the chances of winning. This is not an illegal method of gambling, but it is not welcome in casinos, as they want to take the money and not pay out. It is true that he was raking in very good winnings. Back in 2004, he won the California poker championship and pocketed prize money of over $354,000. 

In October 2019, he was seen leaving the party with musician Katie Cherry in Los Angeles after a Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 13.48.29UNICEF fundraiser in Hollywood and, in an apparently quite drunken state, went to the Commerce Casino near L.A. to play poker. 

It is known that he has a drinking problem and has been trying to get sober since 2018. Apparently, that didn't quite work out, which he freely admitted in interviews. As an apology for his slip-up, he donated to a support facility for the homeless, but he's not doing himself any favors, as he suffered a clear relapse that he needs to work through to prevent future relapses. Alcohol addiction is also said to be the main reason why his marriage to Jennifer Garner fell apart in 2018. 

Does the Actor Really Suffer from Gambling Addiction?

What is it actually about? After all, everyone likes to gamble; it's completely natural. The signs of gambling addiction include several factors: an affected gambler bets more money than he plans to. He tries to gamble less (without success) and win back lost money by placing new bets, family and friends worry about the behavior, and money is borrowed from others to gamble even more. Such people also often feel restless and irritable when they are unable to gamble but at the same time feel guilty when they do gamble. 

Ben Affleck has never attracted public attention by losing a lot of money while gambling. Usually, the opposite is true: he always wins a lot of money - even when playing poker while drunk, he allegedly won $1,500 in just 15 minutes and then stopped gambling. This is a good sign that he is not suffering from gambling addiction; otherwise, he would probably play more randomly and lose money frequently, instead of strategically quitting after a win and just going home with the money. Someone who does this is in control of their behavior, and loss of control is practically the summary of all addiction symptoms, whether it is gambling, alcohol, or other problems. 

Where Gambling Addiction Come From?

Nevertheless, gambling addiction can affect anyone, especially people who are already struggling with other addiction problems, such as Ben Affleck. In most cases, the games in casinos are designed so that players enjoy participating in them and spend as much money as possible in the process. After all, that's how the business concept of any casino works; otherwise, they would go bankrupt. There is always a chance of winning, and many players win a lot of money, but many also lose money. 

Safe Gambling in Online Casinos

Just because Las Vegas has been taken off the list of destinations for now, it doesn't mean that you can no longer gamble. The number of online casinos continues to grow steadily. In the process, players can lose track and end up at less reputable casinos. Casinos in California and Nevada, for example, are subject to a law that no one who is "visibly intoxicated or otherwise impaired" can participate in gambling. However, that failed in October 2019, when the casino let Ben Affleck gamble despite being obviously drunk. In the online world, such regulations are nearly impossible, which doesn't mean that online casinos can't take addiction prevention measures.

So that the first good impression of an online casino is not deceiving, there are tests, which are passed only by the high-quality ones. Decent online casinos get a license, reviews with good quality ratings, and are thus very quickly recognizable on comparison portals. These provide players with enough information to make a good and informed decision on where to play best. 

It is not just a matter of how good a welcome bonus is or how large the selection of games is. The main criteria of the testers include topics such as data protection, software security, security of money transfer for deposits and withdrawals, the license of the casino, and: the prevention of gambling addiction. Every casino wants to make money, but if it hits the headlines because a prominent person has become an addict with it, this is extremely negative publicity, from which the business often partially never recovers. That's why a good casino values the health and safety of its players - a classic sustainable business concept that other industries strive for as well. 

So, is Ben Affleck addicted to gambling? Most likely not, he is merely a good card player who knows his craft. However, as an alcohol addict, he belongs to the high-risk group and could one day slip into this addiction as well and lose his money - let's hope he prefers to focus on producing new movies instead.