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SWOT Analysis of Online Learning

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With changing scenario of education system these days and situation of pandemic COVID-2019 has changed everything regarding education system. Whatever the educational institutions tried to do, the pandemic compelled them to change their education strategies and total system in to complete different world for the students so that they didn't have to assume their future bleak and they can hope for a good future. Regarding this purpose, educational institutions took the innovation as opportunity to give a boost to the devastated education system and induced e-learning as a lifeline so that with all compulsions and restrictions students can enjoy their studies and qualify the courses, they were enrolled in. But assessment of any new idea is very necessary in order to measure its effects, merits and demerits, whether to collaborate with more new ideas or existing one is enough and what more improvements can be done to get more productive results. The best way to perform this analysis is SWOT analysis. 

SWOT is an abbreviation of an assessment method whose full form is S (Strength), W (Weakness), O (Opportunities) and T (Threats). Strengths and weaknesses refer to internal digital issues that each facilitator needs to know. It is so because if the level of weakness is higher than strength then the institution needs to evaluate their e-learning approach. SWOT analysis helps in many ways such as level of effectiveness of an organization, getting scope of improvement, helping in formation of strategies regarding planning and goals and also giving an idea of induction of new technology. So, lets understand this topic from the point of view of SWOT:


Under the section of Strength of Online Learning we can take its mobility and flexibility where any student can access from anywhere with the education app, if he has an internet connection with proper bandwidth. Any Education app if selected specifically by students bear fruitful results. It also comes under the strength that it is a kind of flexible, self-directed and independent learning where the student himself takes care of every section of his own studies. It makes students self-dependent so much that they can dig out time for side income too. That means working while studying. This approach of student life makes self-dependency from student life and students never rely to be dependent on others. With the help of scholarships and loans from banks, students can achieve such education without any issue.


It is said but not found 100% correct that due to online learning students are lacking discipline and skills of management. Those students who don't have proper IT skills are suffering because mostly they are unable to understand what is going on and how to operate and take control of it. It is seen in our Country India that lack of resources mostly makes students stay away from e-learning and if somehow, they arrange these essential things even then they have no IT skills to operate devices filled and operated by new technology. It is also said that the communication gap gets erupted between student and professor.

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Under the section of Opportunities, we can say that students have got n numbers of facilities and chances under opportunities where daily they can learn anything and any course according to their interest. Enrollment is very easy that too throughout the whole year. students don't have to fear that they are not going to get admission due to any reason. The most exciting thing for the students is introduction of new technologies which assures the future of the students going towards innovativeness. Teaching with the help of gamification and new video games makes the study online medium a source of happy learning. Here teachers also get the opportunity to learn how to teach online. Once they learn how to teach online, they start making strategies for students learning online which benefits those students who are unable to get even an online education.


Due to so much fraud online with banking and other digital worlds there is always a risk that some con man can cheat a hard-working student and destroy his future in the name of an online course and degree. It is also seen that some parents do not include online teaching as a teacher's professional hard work and are unwilling to pay for those services as their perception is why should they pay fees when schools were closed and kids were studying online from home? They usually forget that somebody is always teaching on online education sites and education apps.