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Some Gloucester County Democrats Have Taken Political Pettiness Against The County GOP To A New Low


The 20 Years Of Gloucester County Democrat Pettiness Has To Stop


MULLICA HILL – From imposing Statehouse like COVID testing and mask mandates three days before new Commissioners are sworn in to moving the Sheriff’s office the Democrats who still control Gloucester County government have taken political pettiness to a whole new low and Gloucester County Republicans have renewed their call for it to stop.

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“A certain level of political gamesmanship, like putting the offices of Commissioners-Elect Chris Konawel and Nick DeSilvio in the basement with the mice is to be expected,” Gloucester County GOP consultant Steve Kush said. “It’s not a big deal, they’ll just adopt one of the mice as a mascot.”


Kush continued, “But adopting a new policy of COVID testing and mask mandates three days before they are sworn in is simply a thinly veiled plan to suppress the number of Konawel and DeSilvio supporters at the event. It’s just more post-election pettiness, no different than moving the office of the Sheriff.”


The new policy was adopted by the current Board of Commissioners during a Commission meeting on Wednesday December 29th, which last all of about ten minutes.


"The policy was adopted and directed at meeting attendees only, meaning that anyone can access the government buildings without a test, unless you are heading into a public meeting. Such a policy makes no sense, unless you consider the real motive behind it, which is to tamper attendance at Saturday's reorg meeting," Kush remarked.


“The pettiness of the county Democrats knows no bounds,” Gloucester County GOP Chair Jacci Vigilante said. “The Democrats have attempted to claim the move of the Sheriff’s office was planned, yet, through an OPRA request, we have learned there are no responsive written records with regard to a planned move of the office.”


Vigilante asked, “If there are no written records of the planned move who made the decision? Where was the decision made? Who was involved in the decision-making process?”


“The pettiness of Gloucester County Democrats goes back 20 years when then Freeholder-Director Steve Sweeney moved Ray Zane II’s office in the middle of the night,” Vigilante said. “The bottom line is putting the new Commissioners in the basement, creating a new policy out of thin air and moving the Sheriff’s office are all part of a long history of Gloucester County Democrat pettiness and it has to stop.”