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Gloucester County GOP: Lisa Carney Must Apologize for Race-Based Attacks on County Commissioner DeSilvio

Non-Negotiable: Chamber Of Commerce Immediate Past Chair Must Apologize And Resign Position Of Authority

Chamber executive committee member has spent two years attacking Republicans on social media


MULLICA HILL – The Gloucester County Republican organization is recommending their recently elected officials not accept an invitation from the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce to attend its 20th Annual State of the County Breakfast until the Chamber’s immediate past chair and executive committee member Lisa Carney apologizes and resigns for race-based attacks on County Commissioner-Elect Nick DeSilvio.



“Our message to the Chamber of Commerce is simple, start acting like a nonpartisan organization and treat our team with respect or do without us,” Gloucester County GOP Jacci Vigilante said. “We definitely will not deal with any organization that allows its leadership to engage in race-based attacks.”


Gloucester County GOP political consultant Steve Kush added, “I’ve worked with candidates going back to 2008 who complained of unfair treatment at Gloucester County Chamber events. We were hopeful that a new executive director would change that. It hasn’t. The difference now is Chairwoman Vigilante is proud to stand with our team and demand fair treatment. She’s definitely not going to roll over for an angry person who should hold no position of authority in any organization. Lisa Carney needs to apologize and resign her position on the Chamber’s Executive Committee immediately.”


“The Chamber’s immediate past chair has, over two years, repeatedly attacked Commissioner-Elect DeSilvio and last month, before blocking us from her social media accounts, stepped up those attacks to include our organization and Commissioner-Elect Konawel,” Vigilante said. “To be perfectly clear, Carney must immediately apologize and resign her position on the Chamber’s Executive Committee for us to recommend our team show up at their events. This is non-negotiable.”