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HOBOKEN, N.J. – The Hoboken City Council yesterday passed a resolution in support of a nationwide Medicare for All program.  The resolution sends a strong message to New Jersey’s congressional delegation that the residents of Hoboken are demanding an end to for-profit health care in favor of a universal system without copays or out-of-pocket costs. 


Guaranteed health care is needed now more than ever. Hudson County, N.J. has seen over 100,000 cases of COVID-19 and over 2,000 residents have died of the disease. 

Hoboken joins a growing number of over 75 cities and municipalities across the country, including 12 New Jersey -  localities like Trenton, Dover, West Orange and Highland Park, that want to ensure people have the health care they need. 

Hoboken Councilmember Phil Cohen, the lead sponsor of Hoboken’s resolution, stated:

“Hoboken’s families believe the status quo in healthcare is unacceptable. Healthcare is a human right.  Expanding Medicare to cover all Americans will ensure universal coverage and guarantee that no sick American ever will go bankrupt in order to get well.”

Hoboken Councilmember Emily Jabbour, the co-sponsor of Hoboken’s resolution stated: “The COVID-19 pandemic brings new urgency to this issue, as record-levels of unemployment have led to more families losing employer-provided benefits. When people delay regular, needed health care services due to lack of coverage, our population becomes sicker and faces higher mortality rates. Expanding Medicare coverage makes sound policy sense.”

"More and more municipalities recognize that Medicare for All is a racial justice issue, an immigrant rights issue, an economic justice issue. It’s time for all New Jersey House Democrats to join Congressman Frank Pallone and co-sponsor Medicare for All, to follow the lead of the growing number of local communities that support H.R 1976 in Congress,” added Anna-Marta Visky, Northeast regional organizer for Our Revolution.

“Cities across New Jersey are leading the way in demanding Medicare for All,” said Melinda St. Louis, director of Public Citizen’s Medicare for All campaign that has supported dozens of similar efforts around the country. We call on the entire New Jersey congressional delegation to respond to the will of their constituents and cosponsor the Medicare for All Act of 2021.”

“Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege; that’s why we need Medicare for All. This resolution by the Hoboken City Council is a direct call for our congressional representatives to listen to the voters and support this legislation,” stated Ron Bautista, Hoboken resident and President of Progressive Democrats of Hudson County who testified at the meeting. 

The resolution is one of 76 that have been passed nationally in 2019 - 2021, and the latest to pass in NJ where eleven other local Medicare for All resolutions have already been passed with others underway. The New Jersey effort is being organized by Our Revolution NJ and Public Citizen.


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