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Durr renews call for investigation into nursing home deaths

Idiocy Was Ordering COVID Positive Patients Into Nursing Homes


LOGAN TOWNSHIP – Responding to reports that Governor Phil Murphy referred to Republicans who refused to comply with the State House mandate of proof of vaccination or negative test result as “idiocy” and “unforgivable” state Senator-Elect Ed Durr renewed his call for a bipartisan investigation into the 10,000 nursing home deaths caused by Governor Phil Murphy’s orders.


“Governor Phil Murphy is the last person who should be using words like ‘idiocy’ and ‘unforgivable’ to describe anyone,” state Senator-Elect Ed Durr said. “Idiocy was ordering COVID positive patients into nursing homes despite being warned that people will die.”


“Unforgivable was defending his orders in the first gubernatorial debate.” Durr added, “Phil Murphy still has not apologized for issuing orders that killed senior citizens.”


“New Jerseyans want and deserve answers. 10,000 families who lost loved ones want and deserve answers.” Durr said, “The only way to get those answers is for a bipartisan investigation with subpoena power into the 10,000 nursing home deaths caused by Phil Murphy’s dangerous orders. It is my hope the state Senate President and the Assembly Speaker will immediately call for that investigation so New Jerseyans can get the answers they deserve.”