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Despite debates over the validity, weed hangovers are a natural phenomenon. Although you have limited research on the subject, anecdotal reports reveal that vaping marijuana triggers symptoms the following day. Although you have similar names, weed hangovers are not quite like alcohol hangovers. For most individuals, a weed hangover is more bearable than an alcohol hangover. The common symptoms associated with weed hangover include the following:


• Fatigue

• Lethargy

• Brain fog

• Headache

• Mild nausea

• Dry mouth


When any of these symptoms trouble you the following day, you have no other option but to deal with it. If you want to control these effects, keep reading the article. 

Explore the debate in the medical community regarding weed hangovers and it’s related aspects.


How will you get rid of the hangover? 


Weed hangovers are not that difficult to handle. Although you don’t have many options to fix the problem immediately, the following tips may be beneficial:


    Stay hydrated: One of the very first things you may do after or before the weed intake is to drink a good amount of water. It will relieve the symptoms like dry mouth, headache, and dry eyes.

    Eat nutritious breakfast: You must go for a balanced and healthy breakfast in the morning after consuming weed. Go for whole-grain carbohydrates with healthy fat and lean protein.

    See the effect of ginger tea: Ginger may relieve digestive symptoms like nausea. You can put a generous amount of grated ginger into your tea with honey and lemon to soothe your stomach.

    Drink caffeine: If you want to feel alert and concentrated, a cup of caffeinated tea or coffee will be helpful.

  Try CBD: Anecdotal reports at reveal that CBD or cannabidiol counteracts symptoms of a weed hangover. You can go for any preparation that has a good amount of CBD to counter the effect of THC.

  Use pain reliever: If you are suffering from constant headaches, you can go for pain relievers available over the counter. These are effective but cannot be a long-term solution.

Proper sleep and good rest will help you deal with the symptoms. Just take it easy and don’t stress. It is very typical to feel lethargic the following day. However, slowly and steadily, you will develop your control.


It is probably a hangover when you feel off after taking marijuana, and the feeling persists. Some of the potential culprits include drinking alcohol while using weed, smoking weed regularly, and using weed for long. 


Different factors like concentration, delivery method, dose, and THC level influence your metabolism and tolerance. The high will last for only one to three hours, but it can go beyond that in some cases. In such a situation, the above-given points will be beneficial. The after-effects of weed stay for long. However, you will have to develop your body mechanism to deal with the symptoms. In some cases, you may develop signs of marijuana withdrawal that include insomnia, mood change, and difficulty focusing. You may shower because that will make you feel hydrated and refreshed to resume normal activities.