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Guidelines For Helping A Person With Social Anxiety



If you want to get closer to someone who has social anxiety and make them feel more comfortable around you, then there are a couple of things you can do. We'll now dive into a few effective tips. Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 09.55.09


Create Structure


So, if you have a person who is socially anxious and they are visiting you at home, then you can make that person feel a bit more at ease if you provide some structure for the time that they will be spending with you. For example, let the person know how they can address you such as by your first name or by an appropriate title or nickname. You should also let them know about the particulars of your home such as where they can get towels, put on the shower etc. When you offer this specific type of information, it will make them feel more comfortable since they don't have to figure it all out on their own. 


Practice Empathy


It is a good idea to be empathetic with the person and basically try to understand things from their perspective. Consider the things that would make them feel comfortable and at home. This may include cooking their favorite foods, talking about subjects that they love etc. You can find out this information if you don't already know it before they visit so that you can be well prepared. 




Next, listen closely to what they have to say and ask relevant questions. People with social anxiety usually talk a lot less than most people, however, the little that they do say would be well thought out. 




You can reduce the stress off of the person by already having pre-planned activities for their visit. This will ensure that they don't need to talk throughout the visit. For example, playing a couple of games would help them to get more relaxed and open and they won't have to talk much. It is a good idea to choose fun and light games such as Trivial Pursuit or even Pictionary. Even if they don't want to play but would rather watch on the side, you should allow them to do just that. Chances are that they might play and get involved as the game goes on. 


Dealing With Social Awkwardness


Always remember that you can't fix a person who has social awkwardness. However, you can help them and offer ways for them to communicate in less anxiety inducing ways. Some find CBD Zoetic helpful for anxiety. We will now look at how you can assist people with this issue. 


Show Them


Most people who suffer with social anxiety don't typically have much social experience. As a result of this, they may have issues dealing with these situations. You can help them by showing them what to do. For example, you can start by managing introductions, navigating conversations, ending conversations etc. This will greatly help the person to learn through observing you. 


Meeting New Persons


Next, you can help a socially anxious person to become more social by giving them more opportunities for socialization. For example, you can introduce them to your other friends so they can practice socializing. It is a good idea to choose friends that share the same or similar interests as them since they will be able to talk about that interest. You can also help them to practice social skills such as shaking hands when meeting new people. 


Use Praise


Persons who have social anxiety usually feel as though they can't properly deal with social situations. So, it is a good idea to use praise to help them. For example, after a meeting with that person and other friends, let them know that the other people in the group enjoyed their stories or are interested in getting to know them even more. Unfortunately, socially anxious people typically think others have negative reactions towards them, so make sure and let them know that is not the case.