Francis Myers, of Westville, age 66
More Monies Coming to NJ Schools if Legislature Approves

NEW JERSEY POLITICS: De Gregorio: “Nothing Will Stop Me from Defending My Home”

FAIR LAWN – Wednesday, December 22, Nick De Gregorio, a Marine Veteran and Republican Screen Shot 2021-12-23 at 5.53.33 PM Candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District, released the following statement in response to the newly-drawn New Jersey Congressional map:
“With President Biden’s approval tanking and inflation on the rise, Josh Gottheimer had no choice but to beg his allies on the Redistricting Commission to bail him out with a grossly gerrymandered map,” said De Gregorio.
“But if Gottheimer and his cronies thought they could intimidate me from running, they were dead wrong. I am running, and I will win.
“The Democrats’ radical agenda of higher taxes, reckless spending, defunding the police, and silencing parents will not succeed anywhere in America—and least of all in a district that saw Jack Ciattarelli run neck-and-neck with Phil Murphy despite being massively outspent.
“Home is always worth defending. Just as I fought against our nation’s enemies overseas, I will continue to fight here to preserve and protect this country for my children and all future generations of Americans.”