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Alliance seeks Emergency Stay with Supreme Court Pending Final Decision


(Fairfax, Virginia) - The Alliance for Free Citizens, a national organization dedicated to defending the constitutional liberties guaranteed to all Americans, on Wednesday filed with the United States Supreme Court a response supporting the application of an emergency stay.

This case seeks to stop the implementation of the Occupation Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) vaccine mandate which would affect more than 80 million Americans who work at companies with 100 or more employees.

The Supreme Court is currently considering whether or not to issue a temporary stay to prevent the OSHA mandate from going into effect in early January. The stay would remain in place until the case is officially decided. You can read the Alliance's response filed with the Court here.

"It is extremely important that the Supreme Court prevent OSHA from proceeding with the vaccine mandate while the case is being decided," said Kris Kobach, General Counsel to the Alliance. "Otherwise, many Americans will be forced to get vaccinated against their will, even if the mandate is eventually struck down."

"The Biden White House is waging a war on the American people and their freedom to make their own healthcare decisions," said Joshua Pratt, Executive Director of the Alliance. "Our organization stands as one of the primary roadblocks in Joe Biden's attempt to use executive agencies to enact his unpopular, radically leftwing agenda. The United States Constitution does not give the president the power to issue these sweeping mandates, and we're here to ensure the American people's legal protections are followed to the letter."