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9 Leading Causes of Car Accidents in the US

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Car accidents result from a multitude of circumstances, and moving violations are the most common causes. When starting a legal claim, the victim must discuss why the accident happened, who caused it, and what factors apply. By discussing the cause, an attorney could identify additional defendants who are responsible for the person's medical expenses and auto repair costs.  

1. Texting and Driving 

Statistics show a steady increase in auto accidents caused by texting and driving. Many smartphone users don't set up hands-free texting when driving, and the individuals cause wrecks that kill others or could cost the person their life. Victims who need help after a crash caused by texting and driving can get started on a legal claim by contacting an attorney now. 

2. Distracted Driving 

Distracted driving includes a variety of tasks that should never happen on the road. Common tasks that drivers are guilty of doing while driving are grooming, searching for items in their cars, changing radio stations, and eating. Each of these activities could cause the driver to look away from the road and be involved in an accident.  

3. Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is still a common reason for auto accidents. DUI is considered any blood-alcohol content reading that is at least 0.08% for drivers over 21, 0.04% for commercial drivers, and 0.02% for any driver under the age of 21. The offense includes driving while intoxicated or being under the influence of controlled substances. A person who is guilty of a DUI that caused an accident with injuries faces additional criminal penalties.  

4. Rain or Wet Roadways

Rain or wet pavement causes accidents because the asphalt is slippery and creates a greater risk of hydroplaning when driving. The weather and road conditions are dangerous, and heavy rain or storms make it difficult for drivers to see properly. 

5. Failing to Stop at a Red Light

Although metro areas have traffic cameras to catch drivers who commit the moving violation, many accidents are caused by a failure to stop at a red light. Traffic lights are designed to present drivers with a caution light to warn them of an upcoming stop, but many drivers don't slow down their vehicles and prepare to stop. Many head-on collisions are caused by these traffic violations.  

6. Speeding 

Speeding is a common moving violation that causes serious auto accidents and severe injuries. Despite the posted speed limit signs on the roadways, drivers continue to drive faster than allowed. Speeding can lead to collisions with a stronger impact that destroys the automobiles involved in the accident and increases the risks of fatalities.  

7. Vehicle Defects

Vehicle defects caused by the manufacturer cause accidents, and the flaws lead to product liabilities and lawsuits. Typically, auto accidents caused by these defects are reported to the Federal Trade Commission along with law enforcement, and the government agency could initiate a product recall to get the dangerous vehicles off the roadways until the manufacturer corrects the defects.  

8. Driving in the Wrong Direction

Driving the wrong way is a common activity linked to DUI and improperly marked roadways. The moving violation increases the risk of head-on collisions and fatalities.  

9. Damaged Roadways or Debris in the Road

Local road commissioners are responsible for maintaining safe roadways, and if an accident happens because of roadway damage, the victim has a case against the elected official.  

Auto accidents happen for a variety of reasons that cause serious injuries, fatalities, and significant auto damage. By reviewing the most common reasons for an accident, an attorney can determine if the victim has a viable legal claim.