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10 Tips To Attract New Customers For Your Laundromat Business

By: Eric Reyes

About The Author:
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Having a strong customer base is the most important thing for any business, including a Laundromat. Loyal customers give your business the revenue to grow your business and even expand. Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 9.51.03 AM

However, attracting new customers and retaining old ones is one of the most challenging things for a business.

If you are a beginner in a market with well-established Laundromats, you might not know where to start. However, these tips will ensure that you get new customers and retain the ones you have.

1. Understand what type of Laundromat services you want to offer
There are different types of Laundromats you can specialize in, and you need to gather useful information for each of them to know which one suits you best. You could have a self-service or fully serviced.

For a self-service Laundromat, you will have minimal staff but a lot of equipment for your clients to come and clean their laundry themselves. In a fully serviced Laundromat, however, you will have a lot of staff providing clients with laundry services.

2. Upgrade your amenities and equipment
Technology is quickly advancing, which means that appliances like commercial washers and dryers are also advancing with time. You can attract more customers with a Laundromat makeover by bringing in the latest machines.

That improves performance with features like shorter cycle times, disinfection of clients’ laundry, and energy efficiency.

You could also add other amenities like a coffee space where clients can have a snack or read a paper as they wait for their laundry to be complete.

3. Improve the interior and exterior look
A first impression determines whether your clients will come back or not. Therefore, you should ensure that the interior and exterior of your Laundromat and beautiful and clean.

You can do that by planting trees and flowers, ensuring all the trees and flowers are timed, washing the windows regularly, paying attention to lighting, and always cleaning any garbage from the parking space.

Consider having a large, beautiful, and unique sign of your business on the outside visible to customers even at night. You could also redecorate and repaint the interior of your business.

4. Increase your social presence
With the growth in technology, social media has become the biggest platform to reach your clients. Open an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account where you can post about your business and the services you offer.

You have to be consistent about your posts and interactions to keep people interested in these platforms.

5. Paid advertising
Set a budget aside for advertisements on television and social media. While that may seem like a big budget, it helps reach more people and gives you more profit in the end. You can also pay influencers on social media to use your Laundromat and tell their viewers about it.

6. Rewards, giveaways, and freebies
Everybody loves getting gifts, and it makes customers feel appreciated for supporting your business. Loyalty cards and rewards, raffle prices, goodie bags, and coupons are a few ways you can gift your clients.

You could also partner with a brand and give away some of their stuff, like laundry detergents and branded t-shirts. You could also have discounts for new clients and at certain times of the month.

7. Partner with a local business
Business partnerships are beneficial for both businesses. If you partner with a business that has a bigger market share, like a restaurant or gym, it gives you the platform to reach their clients.

You could plan activities like co-hosting and events and offer discounts on your services and products.

8. Sponsor an organization or team
Clients love supporting businesses that support them. Therefore, consider sponsoring your local soccer or basketball team or a non-profit organization in the community like animal shelters and theatre groups. They will wear your logo in exchange, which helps promote the business.

9. Join a community business group
When you get active in different community groups like the local chamber of commerce or committees, it boosts customers' perception of your business and also promotes brand awareness.

Also, the groups normally promote the businesses of their members and offer helpful growth, development, and leadership opportunities that will help grow your business.

10. Host an event
Hosting events at your Laundromats attracts new customers and encourage old ones to return regularly. You can host laundry-related events like a free laundry day to celebrate a milestone in your business.

Alternatively, you can hold community-focused events like summer seminaries or reading programs and competitions. Get creative with your events and consider what your clients would enjoy most.