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Aside from the footage that you can easily access on the Internet, what do you know about rodeo? It's a sport that's deeply ingrained in the cultures of the United States and Mexico. Even in modern times, Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 16.36.05 these performances are still in high demand. Rodeos are the ideal opportunity for many Americans to demonstrate their bravery and endurance. The next part of our article will explain what this interesting sport is and what its primary characteristics are. I hope we can persuade you to book your tickets for the next show at

What exactly is a rodeo?

The sport dates back to the first centuries of America. The Spaniards, or conquistadors, were the first to use a lasso to tame wild animals, particularly horses.

To overcome a wild horse, you had to tie a rope around its neck and ride it for a while without falling down. Soon, cowboys with rogue bulls followed suit. The first mentions of such a ride can be found in early 18th century records. Rodeo rules today mean that the rider must stay on the back of an animal for a set period of time, whether it is a bull or, less frequently, a horse.

There are strict protocols in place for the selection of animals and the evaluation of participants in modern bull riding. There is also a separation into several categories inside the program itself. As a result, the audience will see a worthwhile performance full of danger and adrenaline that will retain their attention until the very end.

Bull selection and preparation

The animals for the tournament are carefully chosen. The occasional bull isn't going to cut it here.

Rodeo animals are chosen by trained specialists. They are guided by their breed, breeding line, and the personality of a specific bull. At the same time, the creatures are not all the same: some are enormous and aggressive, while others are smaller and more placid. Before competing, the animals are trained by placing a soft object that looks like a human on their backs.

Rodeos are held in most nations across the world with bulls that are at least three years old and weigh at least 500 kilos. The animals have no maximum age, but in general, a bull's career lasts only a few years.

The rules of the show

The rider is only allowed to use their legs and one arm to hold the bull on his back during the competition. The other hand should be set aside. You must stay atop the animal for 8 seconds without touching it with your free hand to win.

If the rider completes the 8-second time limit, the judges will award him or her a score. The quantity of points the rider receives is determined by how he or she acted toward the Bull and how ferocious the animal was. There is also a tournament among the bull contestants to choose the bull of the year.

The most dangerous time is when the rider falls from the animal. Specially trained people, known as "clowns," divert the bull so that it does not pounce on him, trample him, or bleed him out. 

There is also a competition between the bullfighters. Another goal is to stimulate the animal during the race so that it runs faster.