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Chapter One

by Dorothy Philbin |  CNBNews Contributor
Most often seen in this week's news is the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.  He was 17 years old, from Kenosha, Wisconsin, and went out during the riots to offer medical aid to his neighbors.  Yes, he had a gun (a very big gun) with him, but he also had a medical kit and had been trained in emergency medicine.  So what's the problem?
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There shouldn't have been a problem.  ALL issues pertaining to guns are STATES RIGHTS ISSUES.  The United States Constitution lists what the federal government can and cannot do.  It doesn't mention guns.  Eleven years later the Constitution was amended to give individuals their rights.  Number two is the freedom to bear arms.  Number ten:  States rights.  The states, and only the states, have the right to control guns. Everyone involved agrees that Kyle Rittenhouse broke no Wisconsin law.  
So what's going on?  The prosecutor keeps making "mistakes" that a first-year law student wouldn't make.  Is he trying to lose the case?  There is no doubt in the minds of anyone with a brain that Mr. Rittenhouse should never have been arrested, but he was.  What's a prosecutor to do?  He could opt to not take the case to trial, but that's not what he did.  This prosecutor ran for district attorney and lost.  He had planned to run again (that may change.)  This case, if he wins could greatly help his career.
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Kyle Rittenhouse standing inside the court room (photo courtesy of the National Review)
How about the judge, Bruce Schroeder?  He is known as a no-nonsense judge.  When judges are considered for promotion to federal judgeships the number of cases that were overruled on appeal is taken into account.  From the beginning, he was not going to let this case get political and his ruling was overruled on appeal.  What's next?  
The state has already called up the national guard in anticipation of riots.  The prosecutor wants to point to the judge and the judge wants to point to the prosecutor.  Who is going to take the blame if there are riots?  They both hope it will be the jury!
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