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by Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor
The COVID vaccine is probably the most controversial topic of the day.  The problem is one we see every day but never to this extent.  There are too many cooks in the government's kitchen and the result isn't a stew as intended but a mess that no one knows what to do with.  That is what we have - a government-mandated mess.
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Every and his brother (and mother, aunt, uncle, and the whole neighborhood) wants his 15 minutes of fame. 
Everyone wants his 15 minutes of fame. They go on talk shows and prove they know nothing about medicine not to mention viruses.  You have to be over 70 to remember Linda Bird Johnson (daughter of President Lyndon Johnson 1963 - 1969).  What does she know about medicine?  Nothing, but that didn't stop her from trying for her 15 minutes.
The real question is "does the government have the right to mandate that people get the vaccine?  Does the government have the right to force businesses to vaccinate their employees or fire them?  The answer to both questions is a resounding "NO."
Once again we have to pull out that pesky 'ole document - The United States Constitution.  The Constitution permits (only) the federal government to print money, only Congress can declare war, the federal government can make treaties with other countries and oversee interstate commerce. Let us not forget taxation.  In no way, shape or form is medicine even hinted at.
There are many cases in the courts at the moment and so far the government is losing. The true test will be the military.  The military shouldn't/can't sue the government.  The President is the Commander in Chief of the military so he might get away with that - only time will tell.
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