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OPINION: Is The Medicare Coverage Helpline A Fraud?

William  E.  Cleary  Sr.|  CNBNews


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The only thing free about this scam is the phone call itself, which connects you to a for-profit insurance company. It’s impossible to read the disclaimer on your TV screen, according to an article in  Beaconseniornews.com.


Unfortunately, people you thought you could trust like, Joe Namath, along with William Shatner, and Jimmie Walker are promoting the scam.


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Joe Namath, Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl III in 1969, has become Most Valuable Persuader as the snake oil salesman for the Medicare Coverage Helpline in 2021, stated Beaconseniornews.com


But here’s some of what it says:


The Medicare Coverage Helpline is not affiliated with or acting on behalf of any government agency or program. The Medicare Coverage Hotline is a private for-profit lead generation campaign and does not offer insurance and is not an insurance agency or broker. Your call is sold to a licensed insurance agent to give you information about your Medicare Advantage Plans. Prescription, dental and vision benefits are not guaranteed, are only available in select plans, and are not available in every state or zip code.


According to Truthinadvertising.org, Medicare Coverage Helpline—which in no way is affiliated with the government—continues to mislead consumers on the benefits it can offer Medicare recipients, only now it has the help of New York Jets legend Joe Namath as a paid spokesperson.

source https://www.beaconseniornews.com