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Level Up Your Marketing Strategy: 3 Ways To Stand Out At A Tradeshow

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As with any marketing outreach like trade shows, either you do it right or not do it at all.

Since trade shows require a lot of time, money, effort, and resources, it is crucial to have everything planned out so that your trade show booth is all set up for success.

With that said, we have listed a few tips that would help you stand out at a trade show.


Plan Ahead

Whether you are hosting or participating in a trade show, it is important to plan weeks or even months ahead. Though this tip might sound too obvious, it still bears repeating (especially to those who are only participating in trade shows).

For trade show participants, a great rule of thumb is to no longer participate if you only have two weeks to prepare. This might sound too extreme, but from our collective experience, we realized that two weeks is just not enough to plan for a trade show.

Even though you get past the first hurdle (which is creating your booth), there are still a lot of things to do and accomplish like market research, sending email invites and reminders, competitor analysis, coming up with the day-to-day program or activities, hiring trade show models, deciding the role and responsibilities of your staff, and many more.

So this just goes without saying that don’t participate in trade shows out of a whim. As we have said before, do it right or not do it at all.

With that said, we highly suggest you keep track of all the future trade shows in your industry, community, or field. This would not only let you plan ahead, but it would also help you save tons of resources because you can decide from early on which trade shows you should only participate in.


Generate Buzz

Since you have a few weeks before the event, it is best to use this time to generate more buzz and start a conversation around your brand.

Even though you already have a well-established and well-known brand, you shouldn’t be too complacent and expect attendees to flock to your booth in a trade show. Sometimes, even the most popular brand fails to generate more attendees because they become too complacent and tend to skip this process.

That being said, there are few ways to generate more buzz around your brand before the actual day of the trade show.

  1. Newsletter

If you have a list of all your customers’ email addresses, then you can send them an email invite or just let them know that you are participating in a trade show.


  1. Get Creative on Social Media

If you are a marketer, then you already know that it has become a protocol nowadays to announce every company or business event on social media. Since every company or trade show participants are probably doing this as well, then you should create a more engaging and creative post on social media to stand out. This way, your posts wouldn’t drown in the sea of other posts from your competitors.


  1. Invite influencers or prominent people

This is especially helpful if you are the one hosting the trade show. For your participants, having all these prominent people attend the trade show means getting free media exposure as well. For the attendees, they might be more compelled to attend and even watch the whole program because of these prominent people and influencers. So it’s a win-win situation for both your participants and attendees.


Set up an awesome trade show booth

Awesome does not always mean spending tons of money on a graphic artist to design your booth. Sometimes, even the most successful booth does not always have a cool-looking booth. There are other aspects    that make a trade show booth awesome and effective such as:

  • Staff and models

Even though you have the coolest-looking booth in the event, it wouldn’t make much of a difference if your staff is always idle and disconnected from your attendees. With that said, you should put more effort and take a lot of things into consideration whenever you are picking your staff or models. You can either pick them personally or simply hire brand ambassadors to make the job a lot easier. Whichever it is, just make sure that they can connect well with your audience. 

Keep in mind that they would be your audiences’ first interaction with your brand, so you really need to hire someone that can make a lasting impression on these potential customers.


  • Take-aways from your booth

In this case, take-aways could mean anything. It could be free samples, promo codes, trial packs, and even details or more information about your brand that not many people know about. Take-aways are an important aspect because it serves as your audience’s remembrance about your brand. So even though the event ended a few weeks ago, they would still remember and have something to talk about your brand.

Even though the examples we have stated above might seem too obvious for every seasoned marketer, it’s these little things and aspects that make or break a trade show.

From observation and our collective experience, nailing these little things sets the perfect foundation for every successful trade show event.