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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: We Can't Wait Any Longer, The Future Is Now!

Screen Shot 2021-11-21 at 21.38.59The map above shows the Southport area which extends south along Water Street and runs parallel with the Delaware River.  That area consists of 145 acres. 



Looking back at the development of Southport, the most logical and most economical use of the property is to cap it and put in a “Links |Golf Course: with a nature trail along the river.  Some of the reasons for this plan are:


  • Shortage of golf courses in areas of Philadelphia and South Jersey.  (Remember, we are closer to Philadelphia than most of Philadelphia.


  • A study shows that outside recreation is needed by our adult population, especially since the Pandemic.


  • Riverwinds Golf Couse, located 6 miles to our South in West Deptford is averaging 40,000 rounds of golf a year.   There have been several other Brown Fields sites that have been converted into major recreational facilities.


  • Bringing 30,000 to 40,000 people to our town means a major increase in business for the restaurants and other small businesses in the waterfront district.


  • Local high school golf teams need more area courses to expand their golf teams.


  • The development of a golf course will encourage developers to build townhouses for 55 and over on our waterfront area.  Many retired people that are living in single big homes on the east side of town would love to have a low-maintenance townhouse within reach of a marina and golf course.  This would also free up the housing stock of homes for our younger first-time owners with families.


  • The fact is…this is a very doable plan that will change the image of our town by using all our natural assets and our location to downtown Philadelphia.


  • We can no longer wait for things to happen…” We must make things happen”.  Mayor and Council should take action now to make this common-sense plan a reality.  “Remember lawyers and engineers get paid by the hour.  The more hours they spend not getting things done, the more money they make”!


It’s Now or Never!

Bob Bevan

former Mayor of Gloucester City


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