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Proposed Energy Standards Bill Will Be Costly to Manufacturers, Consumers 


Through to November 13, will be bringing audiences something no other media outlet is offering: wholly independent content from inside the Glasgow conference centre, from the streets and action hubs around the city, and reaction and contributions from around the world. For twelve hours every day a global team of presenters will be ducking past the soundbites and the grandstanding, sharing real lived experience, interviewing diverse and underrepresented voices, asking the tough questions and confronting complex issues. is the only 12 hour daily live-streamed news and information channel that offers coverage from both inside and outside the climate conference in Glasgow. It platforms real people and real stories, amplifying the voices which are too often excluded from mainstream media narratives. is led by presenters including Guardian environmental columnist George Monbiot (presenting the show ‘Monbiosis’ every day at 19.30 GMT), journalists Anuradha Vittachi and Nicolás Eliades (The Ecologist) and climate activists including Melissa Jiménez Gómez-Tagle.

Among the plethora of information and bureaucracy surrounding COP26, it is often very difficult for ordinary people to make sense of what is happening in Glasgow, and what it all really means for them. cuts through this to provide clear and digestible information, from across the world, whilst never shying away from the complicated questions. The programme schedule ranges from deep dives into politics and science; music performances; interviews with celebrities and public figures; plus live coverage of all protest actions on the streets of Glasgow and around the globe. offers something for everyone.

The team consists entirely of volunteers from around the world, with live-streamers from 20 countries across the global South. To help amplify the voices of marginalised environmental groups, from remote African villages to the Australian outback, has run weekly multi-language workshops on how to live-stream and make video content on smartphones. Live-streaming allows the broadcast of information directly from both the ground in Glasgow and around the world.

Watch: Greta Thunberg Exclusive Clip
Watch: Barack Obama Exclusive Clip

Global Voices 
Featuring speakers from the global South who discuss the issues faced and the actions being taken. Presented by youth climate activist Melissa Jiménez Gómez-Tagle.

Word On The Street
Live-streaming of protest actions in Glasgow and around the world.

Cop In, Cop Out
Twice-daily live reports from inside COP26, presented by journalist and The Ecologist correspondent, Nicolás Eliades.

Guardian correspondent George Monbiot tackles key themes in the climate debate, setting out the challenges and proposing a radical agenda for how we can meet them.

Film of the Day
Independent films from around the world, with panel discussions afterwards via Zoom.Including the world premiere of “Man on a Plane” about paralympic gold medalist James Brown, currently serving a 12-month prison sentence for protesting by climbing on the roof of a British Airways plane at London City airport.

Meaning It
Internationally acclaimed author and film-maker Anuradha Vittachi interviews speakers who challenge the rhetoric and “greenwashing” at COP26.

Meet The Scientists
Interviews with scientists who explain exactly why 2050 is too late to become carbon neutral, presented by science teacher Chris Jones.

No Music On A Dead Planet
Exclusive live performances and interviews with musicians and other artists fighting for climate justice, presented by folksinger Sam Lee.


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