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How Important Are Antivirus Software Updates For Cybersecurity?


By Iurii Motov/


Staying cybersecure means that you need to be up to date with theaters in criminal tactics. However you also need to make sure that you have correct cybersecurity software installed on your devices.


It’s not enough just to install cybersecurity software on your devices though. You must ensure that they are always kept up to date at all times. Software updates will maximize your security.


Most people choose to ignore software updates as they can take time and disrupt your working day. However there are ways that you can make sure that you always get the latest version of your cybersecurity tools. Read on to find out more.

Why Are Software Updates Used?

Unfortunately not all cybersecurity tools remain secure for a long time. Cybercriminals are able to develop new strategies to bypass your security and break into your device.


Cybersecurtiy software isn’t perfect either. It can take a lot of trial and error to get the systems running smoothly. This is especially true with new cybersecurity software. 


Oftentimes there are flaws that can be overlooked during user testing. These flaws might only show up once the product is sent out and customers begin to notice them.


This means that developers will need to work quickly to send out software updates that will fix the flaws that have been discovered. These updates can usually be sent out very quickly once a flaw has been discovered.


Cybercrime is constantly developing. New strategies and methods regularly are discovered to break through cybersecurity measures and infiltrate people’s devices. Unfortunately there is no way for developers to foresee these new tactics and prevent them from being used.


However once it has been reported and becomes more common, software updates can be sent out that will add an extra layer of defence to your cybersecurity tools. These will be geared towards preventing cybercriminals from using their new methods to break into your device.

Do You Have to Regularly Update Your Software

Software updates are usually sent out at short notice if they are fixing any bugs or problems. They could also be sent out at regular intervals to ensure that the security measures are up to date.


It’s important that you update your cybersecurity software as soon as an update is sent out. This can sometimes be disruptive to us as it requires a lot of time and in some cases the device needs to restart.


As frustrating as it may be, software updates are critical to the security of your device. If you delay an update you could be putting your device at risk. Cybercriminals will be able to break past your defences and gain access to your accounts or install malicious software on your device.


There are several forms of malware that can endanger your device. Most of these forms of malware can also be installed on your device without your knowledge. This is because they can be downloaded and installed in the background.


You may come across viruses that can destroy important files or even destroy the software on your devices. You can also come across spyware that allows a cybercriminal to monitor your screen, and in some cases even control your devices remotely.


If your cybersecurity tools such as your antivirus is not up to date it may not be able to detect or remove any of the malicious software if it were to make its way onto your device. This will leave you and your device at risk.

How to Never Miss an Update

Software updates can sometimes come at the wrong time. In the majority of cases you will be reminded about them while you’re using your device. Most of the time it’s when we need to use our devices, which makes it inconvenient timing.


However, there are some ways that you can always keep your devices up to date. It is important to use at least one of these methods to ensure that your cybersecurity software is always up to date.


The first is to turn automatic updates on. Most cybersecurity software will have this feature, and it’s extremely useful. Allowing your device to do updates while you are not using it will make your life a lot easier.


In most cases you can choose a specific time slot for when the software should check for updates. You should set it at a time when you know that you won’t need to use your device, early morning for example.


Another way to keep up with software updates is to subscribe to your preferred cybersecurity newsletter. It’s always a good idea to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world.


These newsletters are extremely helpful as they can keep you up to date with the latest trends in cybercrime and any potential security breaches.