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Gloucester City Residents Can Have An Impact On The Veterans’ Community 

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Rutgers-Camden University is set to receive Governor Phil Murphy’s “We Value Our Veterans” Award. This honor is given to academic institutions, municipalities, and businesses that exhibit the pledge to salute the sacrifices, patriotism, and bravery of those who have been part of the military. The University is also slated to celebrate Veterans Day with a series of events throughout the year commencing on the same day. The academic institution has been named a Purple Heart University. These honors reflect the support that Rutgers-Camden gives to veterans. Education as preparation for entering the workforce is just one of the issues that face veterans when they return to civilian life.
Major Challenges For Veterans
The military has structure and when uniformed personnel has served for a number of years, they may find it difficult to adjust to a life that’s less structured. They would have to find a job to support their families and they may not have the skills needed or may have trouble acclimatizing themselves upon returning to an old one. Even with a job, a vet may find it difficult to provide the food, clothing, and shelter for his or her family as these basic necessities were handed out by the military. Once in the workforce, vets also need to adjust to working at a set time when they once worked continuously until the mission is complete.
Supporting Heroes
New Jersey has 326,00 veterans and Camden ranks 5th in the most number of veterans per county. Governor Murphy has upheld his commitment to advocating for both veterans and active service members. On July 22, 2021, he signed legislation that “supports veterans seeking higher education, expands access to disabled veterans’ property tax exemption, and establishes an annual grant program for institutions offering substantial veterans services.” Organizations, institutions, and businesses can also support vets in facing their most challenging issues.  
Rutgers-Camden’s efforts in providing services are one example of how an institution can support veterans. All Gloucester City businesses could be encouraged to employ veterans. For housing needs, banks and financial institutions offer a VA or Hero Loan which helps make mortgages easier and less cumbersome for vets. The “We Value Our Veterans” award recognizes those communities, employers, and academic institutions that have shown above and beyond support for vets and the awardees serve as models.
How Gloucester City Citizens Can Help
Gloucester City has several veterans’ organizations. As part of the community, individuals and families can also show support for vets by volunteering in one or more of these. Help prepare vets for a job by conducting mock interviews, editing resumes, or career counseling. You can drive a disabled vet to medical appointments. Donating frequent flier miles will enable the families of wounded soldiers to visit them in the hospital. Sponsor a service dog for vets with PTSD. It takes a village or a city, not just to raise a child, but to extend assistance to those courageous men and women who risked their lives for the country.