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Cryptocurrency exchange review: The best platform for crypto traders in 2021

More information about the best place to buy crypto


When choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, the main thing to consider is the characteristics. The features of the service help in determining whether it will ease investors' and traders' lives. 

Cryptology is straightforward and offers many benefits to newbies and experienced users.

The top characteristics of the platform

1  A straightforward service.

An easy-to-use platform implies fast operations. Speed is the most crucial thing of trading service. No one will want to get stuck in processes that involve money.

2.  Affordable charges.

What most people in the trading industry fear is incurring high cryptocurrency exchange platform fees. No one wants to lose so much money in paying for entry, rollover, and exit. The Cryptology exchange does not charge much.

3.  Countries that offer the service

Most cryptocurrency exchanges are accessible in a few regions only. There is nothing as frustrating as completing a process only to find the service is not available in your place. 

Cryptology is available worldwide, except in America and Japan.

1.  Leverage 

Leverage can be risky, but through it, most traders earn more.

2. Available pairs

In cryptocurrency, people need to analyze markets. So, there is a need to have an exchange that supports many currencies. Therefore, Cryptology is among the top places to find many pairs.

3. The simplicity of the withdrawal services

It is vital to consider how easy it is to withdraw funds when choosing a famous cryptocurrency exchange. The Cryptology platform features a straightforward and fast process.

The following section describes Cryptology in detail. Please keep reading to learn about its features, signup process, verification, pros, cons, and more.


Cryptology is the trading place for crypto futures and crypto exchanges. Its fees are as little as zero percent, and new customers receive a bonus of one hundred dollars.

Since 3rd August, users have been trading with no fees. They also get 100 dollars when they make their first deposit of $100. All that leverages up to 100x.

The Earn Feature

This year, the best app for cryptocurrency exchange introduced a passive income feature named Earn. With it, users gain numerous cryptos and a few stable coins. You can do the following:

  • You can invest using a bank card.
  • You can monitor earnings every day.
  • You can withdraw funds.
  • You can reinvest the money.

You earn depending on the currency. 

  • A stable coin like USDC brings you a 15% yearly earning.
  • If you invest BTC, expect to earn up to 8% annually.

There are no charges involved in the Earn feature.

Account opening

Cryptology registration is effortless. There is a form where new users enter details such as name, email, and password.

Like every other service, you have to agree to the terms of use. It is possible to register with a Google account too.

The signup options

Cryptology allows having either an institutional or personal account. 

The two accounts differ.

  • The personal account is for trading only.
  • A Global account lets you deposit fiat money and cryptos using a wire transfer or a bank card. Fiat and crypto can also get withdrawn. The former requires using the option you used to make a deposit.
  • A trading account allows users to deposit cryptos and fiat money. The latter is, however, not possible to withdraw.

Methods for depositing fiat money

  • Mastercard.
  • Visa. 


  • If you have a Global account, you will only be able to withdraw fiat using wire transfer.

User verification

Cryptology Company adheres to the KYC practices. Traders must undergo verification to use the service.

There are two steps involved.

  • Primary verification: The process grants a ten thousand dollars limit to users. You have to upload a passport, ID, photo, and a driving license to complete it.
  • Complete verification: Users need to provide their address evidence. Completing the step removes limits.

The Futures Trading and Spot Exchange platforms

Both platforms are interactive and straightforward.

Exchange: There is an order book, trading history, chart, and order form that lets you purchase and sell at the market.

Futures: The platform is the same as the exchange. The main difference is that you can select leverage here.  

The trading platform fees and payment services

The current fees are 0.002 for all users. Other exchanges charge depending on the tracing amount.

If it is fiat money, expect to part with 2.65% on fees for payments done using credit and debits cards. The minimum deposit is twenty-five dollars.

The Brazilians of the platform have different payment services, and their fees are between 1.7% and 3.6% for a minimum payment of one dollar.

EUR SEPA payments charge 0.45% for as little as one Euro deposit.

Wire transfer, available to fully verified customers, has no charges for as little as twenty-five dollars deposit.


People with institutional accounts are the only ones who can withdraw fiat money using SEPA accounts. The amount they pay is seven Euros for a minimum withdrawal of fifty Euros.

When it comes to depositing and withdrawing digital assets, some conditions apply. 

It should also be noted that some assets cannot get withdrawn.


You can access the best beginner cryptocurrency exchange anywhere globally except in Japan and the United States.

Cryptology pairs


  1. BTC/USD
  2. BTC/USD Perpetual
  3. ETH/USD Perpetual
  4. EOS/USD Perpetual
  5. MKR/USD Perpetual
  6. SNX/USD Perpetual
  7. TRX/USD Perpetual
  8. XLM/USD Perpetual
  9. YFI/USD Perpetual
  10. BCH/USD Perpetual
  11. LTC/USD Perpetual
  12. ZEC/USD Perpetual

Spot Exchange

  1. BTC
  2. ETH
  3. XRP
  4. XLM
  5. BCH
  6. LTC
  7. ZEC
  8. USDT
  9. USDC
  10. DAI
  11. BAT
  12. TRX

Anything concerning fiat money gets traded with dollars, Ruble, and euros. Besides that, the trading company revealed the EURS listings this year in July.

Cryptology benefits and drawbacks

The platform has the following benefits:

  • Users have access to an excellent support system. The representatives attend to people fast.
  • New users receive a $100 bonus after depositing the same amount. The offer applies to the initial payment on the platform.
  • There are no Futures trading fees currently.
  • Customers enjoy up to 100x leverage on Futures trading.
  • The minimum order size is only 0.10.
  • The services can be accessed at any place around the globe except the US and Japan.

The disadvantages 

There are only two cons.

  • The spot exchange platform has no margin trading.
  • Users with personal accounts cannot withdraw fiat money.


As seen from the features and benefits, traders and investors should give Cryptology a try. As long as you are not in America or Japan, you can access everything the platform offers.

Also, you can comment about the cryptocurrency exchange platform. Mention any feature you think should get included in the review.