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Artist and Storyteller Lousis Pecsi Releases New Children's Book "Theo's Adventure in Time"

HADDONFIELD NJ (November 23, 2021)(CNBNews)--An artist and storyteller Louis Pecsi is currently doing a signing of his new children’s book Theo’s Adventures in Time at the Ram Arcade in Front cover TEXT AUG 28 Haddonfield. The signing will be between 2 PM and 3:30 PM on Saturday, Dec 11. 


“Theo’s Adventures in Time” chronicles the early and later inventions of a child genius, which include an everlasting bouncing ball and a pair of flying shoes. His early inventions pale in comparison to his ultimate triumph, which is the time machine named Kronos. Theo journeys through time and encounters dinosaurs, mummies, and Albert Einstein. Theo is able to take selfies with a sleeping T Rex until, yikes, the beast wakes up. An epic adventure full of thought-provoking images rendered in vivid colors teaching Einstein’s famous quote, imagination is more important than knowledge.  Prepare yourself for adventure when you open this book.

Mr. Pecsi will give away free prints of art from the book to go along with purchases of 

“Theo’s Adventures in Time.” 249459512_593141528480078_2321380752836574776_n

In addition to book signings, Mr. Pecsi lectures at schools on the creation of his books and digital art,

recently lecturing at the Alice Costello school in Brooklawn NJ on Edgar Allen Poe and his graphic novel “The Awakened Poe.”

You can also contact Louis Pecsi about his books and digital art by emailing him at