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November 22, 2021

I-295 southbound/Al-Jo’s Curve to be closed Tuesday night

Overnight closures necessary to repair guide rail (Trenton) - New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) officials today announced the I-295 southbound ramp to Route 42 southbound/I-295 southbound is scheduled to be closed Tuesday night, as the Direct Connection project advances in Bellmawr, Camden County. Beginning at 11 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, November 23 until 5 a.m. Wednesday, November 24, NJDOT’s contractor, South State, Inc., is scheduled to close the I-295 southbound ramp to Route 42 southbound/I-295 southbound, also known as Al-Jo's Curve. The two right lanes on I-295 southbound also will be closed after Exit 28/Route 168. These closures will allow... Read more →

Tickets are available for rodeo cowboy shows

Aside from the footage that you can easily access on the Internet, what do you know about rodeo? It's a sport that's deeply ingrained in the cultures of the United States and Mexico. Even in modern times, these performances are still in high demand. Rodeos are the ideal opportunity for many Americans to demonstrate their bravery and endurance. The next part of our article will explain what this interesting sport is and what its primary characteristics are. I hope we can persuade you to book your tickets for the next show at CheapoTicketing.com. What exactly is a rodeo? The sport... Read more →


FitMyFoot Launches World’s First Custom Slide-Sandals Made to Order From Your Smartphone

Custom FitMyFoot Comfort Plus Slide Sandals Made to Order From Your Smartphone. 3D Printed and Custom-Fit To Each Unique Foot. Choose From 60+ colors and styles to Match Your Personality. (Photo: Business Wire) November 19, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FitMyFoot, the leader in foot wellness and maker of the world’s most technically advanced custom insoles and sandals, broke new ground today with the release of its custom-fit slide sandals. Engineered to rival medical-grade orthotics in both comfort and price, the custom slides can be fitted and pre-ordered in 60+ colors and styles using a smartphone. “With the... Read more →

How to Use Floor Stencils 

Floor stencils are a great way of marking your site with important directions and information. You can use stencils to write anything you want with individual letters, but common uses are to highlight exit/entry points, directional arrows for one-way systems in distribution centres or warehouses and queue management/social distancing markings. Floor stencils are relatively easy to use, just follow our handy guide and you will be set up in no time at all. How are floor stencils used? Floor stencils are super easy to use – simply place the stencil on the surface you are painting (the floor, usually), make... Read more →

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: We Can't Wait Any Longer, The Future Is Now!

The map above shows the Southport area which extends south along Water Street and runs parallel with the Delaware River. That area consists of 145 acres. Looking back at the development of Southport, the most logical and most economical use of the property is to cap it and put in a “Links |Golf Course: with a nature trail along the river. Some of the reasons for this plan are: Shortage of golf courses in areas of Philadelphia and South Jersey. (Remember, we are closer to Philadelphia than most of Philadelphia. A study shows that outside recreation is needed by our... Read more →

Four Reasons to Invest in an Influencer for your Business in Gloucester City

Influencer marketing is a very effective strategy in today's culture. As a result, we place greater trust in what people have to say about companies than we do in what brands say about themselves. In addition, influencers spend years cultivating relationships with their followers and earning their trust. As a result, collaborating with them might be a convenient shortcut if you don't want to complete the task yourself or perhaps you want some help and guidance to reach your business goals. However, in this article, we will give you four reasons why your business in Gloucester City needs an influencer... Read more →

What City in New Jersey has the Worst Income Inequality?

Samuel Stebbins, 24/7 Wall St. via The Center Square The United States has some of the highest levels of income and wealth inequality in the world. U.S. Federal Reserve data shows that the wealthiest 10% of Americans control $93.8 trillion, more than double the $40.3 trillion in the hands of the remaining 90% of Americans. The income and wealth divide only appears to be growing wider. A January 2020 report published by the Pew Research Center found that over the last four decades, income growth for the top 5% of families by earnings has far outpaced income growth for families... Read more →

Who Will Pay For Gov. Murphy Greenhouse Gas Reduction?

T.A. DeFeo / The Center Square contributor Nov 19, 2021 (The Center Square) – Gov. Phil Murphy has signed an executive order to establish a new interim greenhouse gas reduction target for the state, but some associations are questioning the cost to New Jerseyans. Murphy has set a target of achieving an 80% “reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.” Executive Order No. 274, which the governor signed last week, sets an interim target of 50% “below 2006 levels by 2030.” Murphy also announced $13.7 million for electric buses and trucks to reduce emissions and improve air quality in “overburdened... Read more →

Lower Township PD Cracking Down on Impaired Driving

Lower Township, NJ — Law enforcement officials from the Lower Township Police Department will be cracking down on drivers impaired by alcohol and/or drugs as part of the annual end of year “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” statewide campaign. Beginning December 3, 2021, and continuing through January 1, 2022, local, county, and state law enforcement officials will conduct saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints looking for motorists who may be driving while intoxicated. The national “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” effort endeavors to raise awareness about the dangers of impaired driving through a combination of high-visibility enforcement and public... Read more →


by Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Contributor The COVID vaccine is probably the most controversial topic of the day. The problem is one we see every day but never to this extent. There are too many cooks in the government's kitchen and the result isn't a stew as intended but a mess that no one knows what to do with. That is what we have - a government-mandated mess. Every and his brother (and mother, aunt, uncle, and the whole neighborhood) wants his 15 minutes of fame. Everyone wants his 15 minutes of fame. They go on talk shows and prove... Read more →

The Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey Honoring Officers Luis Sanchez and Lissandra Sime

The Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey is proud to introduce the honorees for our 45th Anniversary Gala on December 2nd: Camden County Police Officers Luis A. Sanchez and Lissandra Sime. These officers put the Hispanic Family Center’s mission and values into practice through their outstanding service to Camden County residents. Officers Sanchez and Sime interact with others with kindness and compassion-- connecting them with resources, distributing aid, and listening to their concerns. As Community Outreach workers for the CCPD, they attend community events like our Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Walk (pictured below) and build relationships with HFC staff... Read more →

Don’t Do it for You—Do it for Them

The following information is provided by Virtua Health Some smokers view a lung cancer diagnosis as inevitable, or as a punishment for their decision to smoke. As a result, they avoid discussing their smoking habits and lung cancer screening options with their doctor. Regardless of your current smoking status, lung cancer screening could save your life. Lung cancer symptoms don’t usually appear until the later stages of the disease when it’s more difficult to cure. Lung cancer screening can detect disease during earlier stages when treatment may be more effective. How is lung cancer screening performed? Lung cancer screening is... Read more →

Letters to the Editor: Introducing the States Reform Act

This week, we introduced one of the most anticipated pieces of legislation addressing cannabis reform at the federal level. CNBC has called it “passable,” and it’s been endorsed by Republican and Democrat groups around the country just in its first few days. On Monday, we introduced the States Reform Act, a bill seeking to end the criminalization of cannabis in the U.S. in a manner consistent with the rights of states to determine what level of cannabis reform each state wants to regulate, or not. For example. South Carolina permits hemp and CBD, Florida has medical, other states have adult... Read more →