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What everyone should know about BITCOIN WALLET


As for storing currency, gold, or any other asset, we need a place or wallet with security and under supervision, the same thing needed when someone buys a Bitcoin since the invention of Bitcoin was always a significant challenge is to keep it in safe. Location, it had no physical appearance that is why they cannot be stored anywhere; it is totally a digital asset that cannot be kept in any bank, under the bed, or cannot be hidden underground, each bitcoin has a specific address and keys to enter in it, the main thing is how to ensure confidentiality.

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All BTC addresses contain 2 keys, one is public and the other is a private key, BTC is derived from public keys and is shared, these keys work like an email address, so sharing them has no security problem While the private keys are to access bitcoins, that is why it is very important to keep them safe in a safe place, all Bitcoin service provider platforms or exchanges have built-in wallets to deposit and withdraw the assets, although it is not a safe way to store keys except for some exchanges in the past, some exchanges have been hacked and funds were stolen

E-wallets for crypto or digital currency

Ewallets means electronic wallet, these wallets are also called software wallets because they do not have any physical training, these wallets can be used or operated via computer or mobile depending on their viability or software development and some can only be exceeded via the internet in special web browsers it is called web wallets,


These wallets use encryption at some point double encryption, and other special security features to secure and protect keys or passwords, these wallets are considered more trustworthy, these wallets are used to send or receive bitcoins, some or wallets also provide additional features of security improvement, it is important Know that being online and they are not too safe like others, the only advantage is that the owner of the bitcoin wallet does not need to carry them and the owner or account holder can access from anywhere to even though he found the internet that makes it easy to send or receive bitcoins. but it should not be the first choice to keep bitcoins for a long period of time, especially if the amount is large when it comes to security, hardware wallets are better than software wallets because they are not connected to the internet and away from the hands of hackers,to know more about Bitcoin Code


Physical or hardware wallets 

Most experts suggest that hardware wallets are the safest way to protect bitcoin treasure, as the name of these wallets shows, these are physical wallets in the form of devices and can carry, these wallets can access through passwords and special keys, the main benefit of hardware wallets is that they protect private keys more than  online wallets, this makes them more secure than any other type of wallets, because hackers cannot steal the keys, because these are not connected to the Internet and all these wallets have a self-generated key automation system,these wallets can be in form of USB stick or others


Another form of hardware wallets is paper wallets, as they are limited when printed on a sheet of paper, these wallets have private keys or QR codes containing the bitcoin address printed on paper for easy viewing, this form does not recommended due to the random change of the gernerted keys and it needs more caution that the computer should not be affected by the virus from which the key is printed, if that paper is stolen or lost, the associated key recovery is very difficult


Which one is the best

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Because it doesn't look like bitcoins are going to be lost, the value of a bitcoin exceeding more than thousands of dollars, it continues to exist and its value will continue to increase, not only businesses but people are also adopting it, that bitcoin security concerns are rising, for this purpose there are many types of wallets available which have different features, such as the ability to store different types of digital currencies including bitcoins along with security measures,


We cannot say which wallet is better than another as online software or wallets are known to be less secure than hardware wallets which are more secure for long term storage, each bitcoin owner has different needs, for what different wallets according to your needs are available if the Bitcoiner wants to do daily transactions than software or online wallets are better, but if some want to make a long-term investment, hardware wallets are best, always consider your needs before choosing any type of wallet.