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Success stories – the crypto trading miracles


Anyone who has an interest in following the latest news and trend in the crypto world has most definitely come across articles about people being able to buy their dream house or car, start their independent business, leave their 9-5 job and much more just because they made a lot of money with crypto trading. While there is no doubt that these stories are often real and most of these articles are just using such stories as clickbait, it is still important that whatever your takeaway is from these success stories, you take it with a grain of salt. Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 15.18.55

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly the future of financial markets and the rate at which it is growing leaves absolutely no doubt to this fact. Because of this rapid growth in the market there is also a lot of potential for getting high profits from your investments, which is exactly the case with the success stories we were just talking about. So if there is a lot of potential in the market, and several people have benefited from this potential and seen unreal success, then anyone should be able to do the same, right? Well, yes but like we said, take this with a grain of salt – it isn’t as easy as some of these success stories may make it sound like. So let's talk about this and try to understand how to actually have a good chance at succeeding in cryptocurrency trading. 

The first thing you should remember when hearing a success story of someone becoming a millionaire over the span of days is that for this to be possible they most likely invested at least a $100,000 to start off with and either with luck or due to substantial research and tracking provided by their eKrona Cryptocurrency, their crypto holding increased in value 10 times and now they have a million dollars, which is 900,000 dollars more than what they invested and that is a lot! But, what if they had invested $1000 to start off with and ended up with $10,000? It would still be a huge win for them but it wouldn’t make a success story. So the most important thing to remember is that most people do not have 100,000 dollars laying around that they can invest. And even from those who do have this kind of money, most of them are willing to take the risk. Because while there is a slight chance of tenfold increase in price, there is a good chance of reduction in price as well and the more you invest, the more the loss will be. 

So what do you the average person do? Good question. While the context behind these success stories may make it sound like there is no hope, that is not even remotely our intention. We are just setting the scene so that you are aware of the realities and take your crypto trading more prudently and increase your chances of making a decent profit. Here is how you could start off. 

The first thing we would recommend is to invest an amount that you can lose. This means that you should only invest from the surplus of your income and not the funds that are needed for regular expenditure or savings. Secondly, make sure you do a lot of research on a few of the top rated cryptocurrencies and narrow down a list of 2-3 cryptocurrencies that you have assessed to have great potential and that are at a price that you can easily invest in. Once you have this list narrowed down, spread your investment among the cryptocurrencies you have selected. It is recommended that you do not spread out your investment in too many different cryptocurrencies as it will make it difficult to follow up with them – keep it spread out in only a few to start off with. Once you have made your initial investment, start studying the market and latest trends related to the cryptocurrencies you have invested in. You can do this by following the news, deploying the aid of crypto trading signals and other trading tools available in the market. Once you are confident that you have a good understanding of the market, you can make trades. You sell your crypto when the price is high and buy it back when it low – with each successful trade like this, you end up with a profit. 

So while you might not end up a millionaire overnight and make it to the news, you can still benefit from the potential the crypto market has to offer and if you do just that, you will become your own success story.