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WASHINGTON POLITICS: Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri Praised by Free Citizens Group


Senator’s Aggressive questioning of Justice Department an essential first step to restoring Rule of Law.

(Fairfax, Virginia) - Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri was singled out today for “the highest praise possible” by the Alliance for Free Citizens, a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to restoring traditional American principles of individual liberty and the rule of law.

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On Tuesday October 5, Senator Hawley questioned Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco on a letter released earlier by Attorney General Merrick Garland announcing that he has instructed the FBI to investigate parent protests at school board meetings across the entire nation. Ms. Monaco had no answers to Senator Hawley’s repeated questions on where the federal government found the authority for this massive over-reach of federal authority.

“Every day brings new reports of the administration weaponizing the federal bureaucracy to go after their political opponents. This is unlike anything in American history,” said Senator Hawley.

“Bravo! Senator Hawley is not falling for the soothing denials on the clear intent of the Biden government to use the threat of the FBI to quell a rising chorus of opposition to their radical “Critical Race Theory” dogma in the classroom," said Joshua Pratt, Executive Director of the Alliance. "While others are willing to side-step this clear abuse of power and reckless disregard for the fundamentals of American federalism, Senator Hawley stood tall."

Becoming increasingly angry at the refusal of Monaco to address the issues Hawley had raised, the senator said, “You are attempting to intimidate. You are attempting to silence people and franking you are attempting to interfere with the people’s right to vote.

"This is wrong and it is dangerous. Mr. Chairman we need a hearing on this,” concluded Hawley.

“Senator Hawley’s call for a hearing is the bare minimum that the Senate should under take. Honestly, I believe articles of impeachment on Attorney General Garland should be filed and material assembled for a later date with the House of Representatives is under more rational and patriotic control,” Pratt said.