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Putting Your Home Up for Sale: 5 Tips


Selling your home can be an extremely stressful undertaking – especially if you have never had to do it before. This task takes a great deal of time and preparation to make it as stress-free as possible, and the decisions you make along the way are vital for creating a streamlined process. There are several aspects that need careful consideration before putting your home on the market – and by reading this blog, you’ll gain helpful insight into the steps that need to be taken along the way. Check out these key tips on putting your home up for sale in the near future:

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Work out why you’re moving 

Some people are keen on the idea of moving, without a solid reason as to why this is in their plan. Do you need to upsize/downsize, or perhaps your property no longer serves your needs? It may be worth considering whether an extension or even a loft or basement conversion could resolve any issues you have with your property to save the upheaval. Many factors need to be considered when it comes to selling up, so don’t make an immediate decision without careful thought.

Figure out your finances

Before you are able to choose a property that is suitable to move to, you’ll need to closely evaluate your finances and how much your current home is worth. This will be highly dependent on how much of a mortgage you will receive from the bank if you plan on upsizing the property. In the early stages, this figure will only be a rough estimate until your home sale legally goes through. 

List it for sale on a realtor website

It is now possible to list your property online for just a 1% listing fee. This can make the selling process much easier and cost-effective, as your property will be advertised to a large number of potential buyers who are on the lookout for homes in their desired area. It would be wise to browse the best realtors in Chicago before making a decision on which website to use.

Prepare your home for sale

Selling a home is never easy. Potential buyers are on the lookout for certain features and characteristics within properties which tick their boxes. However, if you ‘stage’ your home in good form, you’re much more likely to sell it quicker than those who have not put much effort in. There are certain aspects to take into consideration when staging a home, as follows:

  • Get rid of excess clutter
  • Paint walls a neutral color
  • Light a fire or candles to make your home more welcoming
  • Get rid of bad odors
  • Improve the curb appeal on the exterior of your home 

Get the right price
Unless you have any experience in selling properties, it’s unlikely you’ll know how to set the correct price. Don’t choose an agent that offers the highest estimation, as this isn’t always the best approach. Sometimes, a lesser offer will secure much more attention from buyers and encourage them to fight harder for the property when putting offers in.