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William E.Cleary Sr. | CNBNews


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (October 26, 2021)(CNBNews)---For the first time in over a decade voters in Gloucester City actually have several candidates running for a seat on city council. The  norm in the past has always been the incumbent runs unopposed. And, for the longest while that is how it has been. Cnbnews exclusive


But, because former mayor, and longtime democratic politician Daniel Spencer resigned unexpectedly in April the council at-large seat of Patrick Keating became vacant as he assumed the position of mayor.  Keating had one year left on his council seat.


The three people running for the at-large positions include: Republican Jason Fanning, Democrat Rob Page, and Independent Sarah O'Brien.


Running unopposed for the one year unexpired term of mayor is Democratic Councilman Dayl Bale. 


We asked each candidate for their resume and to explain why they were seeking office. All three candidates are young and well educated. Whoever is elected will bring much needed talent to the governing body.


The position of mayor as well as the council at large post will be up for re-election next November. 


Jason Fanning, a Republican, is vice president  of  Operations, CEO for Solutions in Warehousing, inc. established in 2004 which is located at 115 North Broadway. 


Fanning states, 


The reason I am running…


Not that I don’t think everyone has the City’s interest at heart, so I’m not directing these comments at anyone in particular.

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 19.11.14
Jason Fanning


The City has been stagnant. It has seen some minor improvement in sporadic areas with no cohesion or organized approach.  There are so many small victories that could be won if we went after the low hanging fruit, which if coordinated properly could amount to significant improvements. We need someone who has experience taking very little and turning it into something bigger and better. Someone who has experience taking on challenges and going “out of the box” to find solutions.


I feel there are a lot of these areas of improvements that NEED to be made in order to set ourselves up for the “grand finale” (developing the waterfront etc.). The City has been working backwards, meaning you can’t hit a grand slam if you don’t put men on base first.  It may be on a bigger scale, but it is no different from becoming the biggest company in your trade. I started finding the “base hits” where ever I could find them and stuck with it until I hit the grand slam. Any other path is putting the cart in front of the horse. 


If you have had the chance to read my main post or endorsements on my campaign FaceBook page, you will see that I have a track record of making something out of nothing or taking things that have been in disarray and reigning them in, improving them, and cutting costs at the same time.  It’s something you only learn from years of being “battle tested” day in and day out like I have been.

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 19.12.23
Jason Fanning

I truly believe I have the best history of success when it comes to taking on the types of
challenges our City faces, and, like I was when I served in uniform, I would be honored to offer my service to the City which I have now called home and raise my son for almost 10 years. I have no political “ambitions”, I have no desire to become a long term fixture in City Hall.  I want to get in, work my magic, and get out leaving the City on a better trajectory than it has been on for the past many years. I’ve been on the downhill side of my career with a fairly early retirement getting closer and closer within reach. I certainly didn’t need to get into this race, and instead could have stayed my course until I could retire to my shore house within the next 7-8 years, but that isn’t the kind of person I am.  I see problems I know I have the experience to fix and I step in and fix them.  His website for his business  is


Robert J. Page, of the 900 unit block of Middlesex Street, is a third generation Gloucester City resident. Rob graduated from Gloucester Catholic High School in 2008. He went on to earn a degree in business from LaSalle University and an MBA with Finance Concentration from Widener University.


Presently he works as a Sales Engineer for Elliott-Lewis Corporation in Philadelphia.  Currently he serves the  community of Gloucester City as a member of the Camden County Homeless Trust Fund, and the city's Planning/Zoning Board. He is a member  of the Memorial AA Club. 


In the following written statement Page explained why he is running. 


I am asking for your vote this November 2 for council to serve our  community and focus on three key areas: 


QUALITY OF LIFE- Our municipal services should meet our families need. I want to work on improving  our trash pickup program and the quality of our parks and recreation facilities and programs. In addition I want to see the city do more to address the condition of vacant Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 9.11.10
homes, overgrown vegetation and illegal parking. Left unaddressed these diminish our community. Our city can be better tomorrow than it is today.


CITY FINANCIAL PLANNING-Homeowners and businesses should be able to rely on our municipal government will do all in our ability to keep property taxes affordable and that our budget  is sustainable and balanced.  I will use my skills from the private sector, along with the other Council members, Mayor and department heads and professional to deliver accountability and responsible fiscal plans, that includes greater pursuit of state and federal grants to fund city services.


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT-Gloucester City is a great community to raise a family or own a business, and a prime location for new growth and prosperity. The development of the waterfront is a golden opportunity to attract new families and further grow our business community. It is imperative we work with our residents, business community, state and local developers to bring our vision for a flourishing waterfront to life.


Sarah O'Brien hasn't released a statement on her background or has she given a detailed explanation on her reason for running for office. 


Her campaign literature states; 


Running unopposed for the vacant mayor seat is Councilman at large Dayl Baile. His present position expires in December 2022. Once he assumes the title of Mayor more than  likely council members will pick someone from their Party to fill his seat until the next election  in November.

Dayl Baile

Baile released this prepared statement explaining why he is seeking the mayor's post.

I am honored to be running for Mayor of Gloucester City.  I believe I am uniquely qualified to serve in this position since I am a lifelong resident, current Council Member, active leader, and volunteer in many of our community organizations as well as being a successful business owner. If I am trusted with your vote, I promise to work hard on your behalf and always be accessible to my fellow citizens and neighbors.

My wife Linda and I raised our daughter Samantha in the same house I grew up in.  Sam received a great education and graduated from Gloucester High just as I did.  Although my business is located in Philadelphia, my life has always been Gloucester City-centric.
The quality and active nature of our community and civic organizations make Gloucester City unique.  Over the years I have been fortunate to serve in leadership positions in our sports associations including Gloucester Youth Soccer, the Pony Tail League, and the Police Athletic League (PAL) of which I am still Treasurer.  I have served as President of the Gloucester City Lions Club and progressed to be the Governor of our South Jersey District.  Our local Lions Club makes significant financial contributions to many worthwhile Gloucester City causes as well as conducts preventative eye screenings for our school children.  Gloucester City is a community of faith and I have been a vestry member of the Gloucester City Church of the Ascension for 31 years.
As a Council Person at Large, I currently represent all 3 wards of our City and serve on the Finance and Public Works Committees.  Prior to that I also served politically as Committee Person for the Camden County Democratic Party in Gloucester City’s Second Ward. 
In addition to an in-depth knowledge of Gloucester City, I have built a successful business across the river in Philadelphia.  I plan to use my management skills and business knowledge gained over the last 36 years to move forward development projects that have long been stalled as well as increase government responsiveness and ensure financial accountability.
I promise I will never take your vote and support for granted.  I will work hard as your Mayor and with all of us working together, we can realize the claim made on the Welcome Signs as you enter town that “Gloucester City is Where Great Things are Happening.”
Also running unopposed for re-election to council in the Third Ward is Democratic incumbent Nancy Baus, the daughter Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 17.49.15of former Gloucester City Fire Chief Ralph Randolph. Chief Randolph died in 2010.
Three members of the Democratic controlled Board of County Commissioners are seeking reelection. They include Jeffrey Nash, Melinda Kane, and Almar Dyer. Running against the incumbents are Republicans Johanna Scheets, Jennifer  Moore and Rachel Boberg. Democrat Sheriff Gilbert L. Wilson is running unopposed. 
On the state level Senator Nilsa Cruz Perez is being challenged by Republican Clyde Cook.  Assembly incumbents William Moen Jr., and  William W. Spearman are facing Republican candidates Sean Sepsey and Samual DiMatteo. Lastly Gov. Phil Murphy and Lt. Governor Shelia  Oliver are being challenged by Jack Ciattarelli and for Lt. governor, Diane Allen.  
State  Public  Question No.1--Constitutional Amendment to permit wagering on all college sports or athletic events. Currently the state prohibits wagering on both of those. If the majority of voters favor the Question the Legislature would be able to approve all wagering on college sports or other athletic events. 
State Public Question No. 2--Constitutional Amendment to allow certain organizations to conduct games of chance.  Presently only veterans and senior citizens groups may use the net proceeds from those games to support their groups.  The amendment would allow other groups that conduct bingo to use the proceeds to support their organization as well.