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Egg Harbor Twp, NJ (October 8, 2021)- During the October 8, 2021 Press of Atlantic City debate, Senator Vince Polistina pushed Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo to explain his radical voting record. Mazzeo in traditional fashion, had none. 

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“Whether the question was voting to ban police from telling parents if their kids are caught with drugs or alcohol, avoiding a stance on banning smoking in Atlantic City casinos, or failing to condemn offensive and false political mailers from dark money special interests, Mazzeo had no answers,” Polistina said. “Mazzeo’s only consistency is his silence. His silence makes him complicit and the voters of District two have had enough; enough with Camden County party bosses overreaching and enough making political plans in the shade.” 


The debate was held just one week prior to the six year anniversary of the epic meltdown of Mazzeo in the “Great White-Out Debate” where Mazzeo stumbled to explain his signature being whited-out from a resolution opposing North Jersey casinos. 


Polistina added “Whether it was six years ago, or the debate held Wednesday night, one thing is clear; Vince Mazzeo just isn’t up to the job.”

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