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Like Gambling? Here's The List Of Countries You Should Consider Living In

Gambling is a favorite pastime in countries around the world. The activity is still restricted in many countries across the globe, but many countries have liberal gambling laws. In fact, in some cities and countries, gambling is a main driver of the local economy.

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United Kingdom

From a player’s standpoint, the UK is a great place to gamble. However, UK casinos must adhere to strict rules and regulations to be licensed by the UK’s Gambling Commission (its regulatory body). 

Gambling is a favorite pastime of those living in the UK, and players enjoy the benefit of not having to pay taxes on their winnings. There are numerous land and online casinos to choose from, and as long as the Gambling Commission licenses the operator, you can be confident that the games are fair, and you won’t be scammed out of your money.

If you like gambling, the UK is a great place to live.


Like the UK, gambling is a popular pastime in Australia. And also like in the UK, winnings aren’t taxed. The casinos pay taxes. 

Australia is home to many renowned casinos, including Sydney’s Star City Casino and Melbourne’s Crown Casino. The Crown Casino is enormous, spanning two city blocks. It boasts three hotels and two restaurants (including one owned by Gordon Ramsay).

If you live for the glitz and glam of gambling, then Australia is a great place to call home.


Also known as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient,” Macau is a hotspot for casino tourism and known for its gambling culture. There are more than 30 casinos in Macau, and six of them rank among the 20 biggest in the world. 

Online gambling can also be had in this culturally diverse area of the globe.

For gamblers who love the excitement of it all, Macau is the place to be.

The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is one of the most respected authorities for online gambling licenses. The country issued its first license in 2001, and is largely considered one of the best in the industry. In fact, the Isle of Man’s licensing authority has been whitelisted by the UK’s Gambling Commission. The Commission is satisfied with their standards and process for issuing licenses to operators.

To protect players, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission ensures that all licensed operators:

  • Have systems in place to protect the funds of players.
  • Have a bank guarantee, so if the operator cannot pay its players, the bank will.
  • Hold deposits and winnings in a secure location that’s governed by the Isle of Man’s laws.
  • Establish a trust fund that controls how cash enters and leaves the operator’s bank account.
  • Are audited by an independent organization to ensure the fairness and randomness of their games.

The Commission also conducts random audits to ensure player funds are protected. Additionally, they investigate player complaints and monitor the advertising, policies and activities of operators.

With so many player protections in place, the Isle of Man is a great country to live in if you love gambling and are concerned about protecting your money.


Although it’s a smaller licensing jurisdiction, Panama takes a relatively liberal stance when it comes to gambling. The banking industry is gambling-friendly, and the government doesn’t meddle too much in the affairs of operators.

Anyone who wants to run a gambling operation in Panama can submit an application and undergo an inspection. In addition to a criminal background check, an inspection will also check the fairness of the games and analyze the business processes.

Licensed operators must have enough cash on hand to honor all of their obligations. In addition, financial transactions must be recorded and available for review at a moment’s notice.

Panama allows all of the most common forms of gambling, including casinos, poker, sports betting racing betting, and more. 


Gambling is legal in Italy – both in person and online. There are more than 160 casinos licensed by the AAMS. Italians also have the freedom of playing at a foreign casino without worry.

While you may have to pay taxes on your winnings, Italy is still a favored country for those who love gambling. Plus, when you’re not playing a game of chance (or skill), you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, delicious food and friendly people.


With more than 300 casinos throughout the country, France is a popular destination for casino tourism. Gambling laws are more relaxed than in other European countries, and sports betting is a favorite activity of the locals.

High rollers love to gamble in France. Many of the country’s prominent cities, including Cannes and Paris, are home to casinos that attract wealthy players from across the globe. Poker is another popular gambling activity in France. There are more than 170 poker tables throughout the country, and some have extremely high stakes.


Don’t let its small size fool you – Monaco is the sporting and recreational hotspot of Europe. In addition, Monte-Carlo is world-famous for its jaw-dropping casinos, particularly the Casino De Monte-Carlo. 

The small independent state is also home to international sporting events, including the Monaco Grand Prix, European PGA tours and the European Poker Tour Grand final.

Gambling is a major contributor to the state’s economy. If you’re a wealthy gambler lover, Monaco may just be the right place for you.


Singapore is a tiny island country with one of the world’s strongest economies. The country is home to two large casinos that are world-famous: Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. The Marina Bay Sands casino is one of the largest and most expensive casinos on the planet. It has more than 2,500 gaming machines. 

If you love gambling and want the chance to play at one of the biggest casinos in the world, then you may want to move to Singapore.


If you’re a fan of gambling, these countries are some of the best to live in. Along with favorable gambling laws for players, they also have some of the best casinos in the world.