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Letters to the Editor: Attention! Free Citizens


The bi-monthly Alliance newsletter is here with the leading stories on election integrity, vaccine mandates, critical race theory, and every burning political issue that is making its way into your neighborhood and into your home.

Our highlight is the Republican Party of Lake County, Florida passing a resolution demanding an election audit in all fifty states. 

If we are going to nail down the definite results of the 2020 presidential election, we cannot rely on politicians in Washington DC or the court system for honest investigations. What we need is political pressure created through direct action, and that occurs at the granular level. 

We heavily encourage all readers to bring this idea to their local county GOP: place an obligation on all representatives to support and work towards an electoral audit in every state. When this reaches a critical mass, the public pressure will be impossible to ignore.

In other news, the far-left Biden administration seeks to indoctrinate our children with anti-American and fundamentally racist practices couched under the term "critical race theory."

There are teachers who knowingly act as propagandists for their ideology, and want to reach our children to hate their history, their country, and their parents.

Just look at Petra Lange, an Iowa high school teacher who bragged about openly defying state law banning critical race theory instruction. 

Our Executive Director Joshua Pratt correctly labeled this woman “an acolyte who has become an apostle.”

And Professor Carol Swain is right when she says inundating young people with these toxic ideas is a form of “abuse.”

So, what can you, the concerned parents, do about this revolution in academia?

Well as the example of Petra Lange probes, and as Dan Springer elaborates in this Fox News op-ed, victory is not as easy as passing a law. Teachers Unions are well financed, and will find and squeeze through any openings in the law books.

No, to truly take control of your child’s education, and boot critical race theory out of your school district, means taking a direct and active interest in your school board.

That means showing up to meetings, demanding the materials teachers are using, and holding the district on a tight leash, accountable to parents and local property tax payers. And we at the Alliance and ready and equipped to help you in this process.

The Biden White House knows that an activated, engaged group of parents is the biggest threat to their bid in seizing our children’s minds. That’s why they plan on treating them as “domestic terrorists.”

Think of it: an administration labeling upstanding, middle-class Americans as “terrorists” for demanding a say in what their children is taught.

Expect these fights to continue in county GOPs and school boards across the United States in the next year. 

And know that you will continue to receive the most important bi-monthly updates from an origination that stands with parents, fair elections, and the U.S. Constitution.

- Alliance for Free Citizens