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Garden State Esports Releases CODEC: A Curriculum For Career and Technical Education Through Esports

The CODEC guide will allow coaches to implement hands-on career and technical education experiences into any scholastic esports program, showing students the various career and college opportunities available through esports.

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New Jersey: October 19, 2021 -- Garden State Esports (GSE), the nonprofit scholastic esports league for all New Jersey schools, is pleased to announce the release of the Career Oriented Disciplines in Esports Curriculum (CODEC), a guide to implementing Career and Technical Education (CTE) activities across scholastic esports programs. With this guide, GSE continues to provide valuable learning, competition, and community for all students through esports.

CODEC is designed to help schools and community organizations who already have an esports team to integrate hands-on CTE experiences aligned to New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) and career pathways at New Jersey’s institutions of higher learning. Using CODEC, students will perform many of the same jobs for their esports team that industry professionals would. 543f212b-0c43-d96d-af42-8f12c1537e88

Utilizing CODEC, esports clubs will be able to build the team behind the team in the four major esports disciplines - content creators, entrepreneurs, strategists, and organizers - as originally developed by the North American Scholastic Esports Federation’s (NASEF).

Building on these career pathways, GSE’s CODEC has taken these four major esports disciplines and created, refined or expanded them to incluce over a dozen in-demand, NJSLS-aligned jobs in the following areas:

This living document will continue to be updated by the Garden State Esports community as they continue to use and refine the curriculum within their clubs. The CODEC guide will also be supported by Garden State Esports’s industry-based challenges and partnerships with professional organizations like Evil Geniuses, WeVideo, Twitch, Canva, Gwoop, and the Grunin Foundation.

Learn more and download CODEC here.

Learn more about the industry-based CODEC Challenges here.

About Garden State Esports:

Garden State Esports is a nonprofit founded by educators for students, the Garden State Esports mission is to create high-quality, student-centered experiences through scholastic esports by providing the learning, competition, and the community needed for ALL students to use esports as a platform to grow. Garden State Esports has nearly 25% of NJ school districts in their league, which is free for everyone.