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Explore a New Community Before Buying or Building

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When it comes time to move, the decision should not be made lightly. There are several attributing factors that could greatly impact your choice of location. Some things to consider when selecting a community to live in are as follow.

  • Property taxes
  • HOA dues
  • Local school district
  • Local park district
  • Shopping and nightlife
  • Transportation and commuting

This extensive list only touches on a few of the key things that people should consider before moving to a neighborhood. It doesn't matter if the new home you like has every detail you are looking for, including marble countertops, a rolling library ladder, and a pool, you will want to first make sure you have done your research about the community you are hoping to move into.

Property Taxes

When building a new home, you may not know what the property taxes will be, but you can have a rough assessment calculated to give you an idea. Different regions have higher or lower taxes. The property taxes can greatly impact how much the mortgage payment is. If you are building or purchasing in an area that is unfamiliar to you, you will want to look into the property taxes. While the cost of the house may be affordable, in some cases, the taxes can make it unaffordable.

HOA Dues

Homeowner associations often charge monthly or yearly dues that attribute to the upkeep of the association. Typically, the more features the HOA has, the higher the dues. If you choose to build in or move to an HOA that only has minor landscaping upkeep, you may experience lower HOA dues. If you reside in a community with a pool, fitness center, clubhouse, and other fantastic amenities, you may pay a bit more. It simply depends on how many "extras" you want in your community.

Local School District

It is important to always research boundary lines for school districts. Some neighborhoods may appear to go to one school district, but a few blocks within that area could go elsewhere. Before you build or buy, reach out to the local school district and have them do an address check. If you are moving strictly for the schools, you want to be 100% certain that you do, in fact, live within that school zone's boundary. You should also inquire about the possibility of the redrawing of boundary lines. In some cases, areas can experience exponential growth and the school becomes overcrowded. This will result in a redistricting in some cases.

Local Park District

In addition to looking into the taxes, HOA dues, and local school districts, you will probably want to look into the local park district as well. If your community is lacking a good fitness center, you may want to join the park district workout classes or gym. If you are an avid hiker or biker, you may be interested in the trails that the park district maintains. If you are moving to a family-friendly neighborhood for your children, you will want to research the parks and make sure there is plenty for you and your family to do.

Shopping and Night Life

When selecting a location, there are often a few key details for many individuals. You will want to have Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 9.38.19 grocery shopping and basic needs shopping available to you with minimal commute time. You may also want to live near doctors' offices and a hospital in the event of an emergency. If you enjoy dining and going out, you'll want to stay less rural and have the availability to go out whenever you need or want to. Before you decide on a community to reside within, drive around during the daytime and evening hours. This will give you an idea of when the locals are out and about and what is fun to do in the area.

Transportation and Commuting

Homeowners that live relatively distant from their places of employment often rely on either their own personal vehicle or public transportation. If you are a commuter, you may want to ensure that your desired location offers both a quick route to your job and public transportation in the event that your car is being serviced.