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Attention Gloucester City Residents!

Home Improvement Funds Available



GLOUCESTER CITY NJ--Homeowners in Gloucester City! Is your home in need of repairs to address code violations and major system improvements? Gloucester City’s Housing Rehabilitation program may be able to help. Homeowners interested in the program must meet applicable guidelines and income restrictions.

The City of Gloucester is accepting applications to participate in the RCA Housing Rehabilitation Program for low-income homeowners in the form of a deferred loan payment.

The purpose of the program is to address code-related items and weatherization needs.  The types of repairs covered are electric, plumbing, heating, roofing, structural issues, windows, doors handrails, steps, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, painting, and siding.  Additions and interior decorating are not eligible.

To qualify for the RCA loan program, the applicant must meet the following eligibility requirements:  homeowners who have been in their property for at least one year, and who are in need of major home improvements of up to $20,000.  The purpose of these funds is to preserve housing stock by upgrading single-family dwelling units.  Home repairs must be qualified by the HIP inspector as eligible repairs determined at inspection.

Household size is defined as all occupants of the household. Household income is defined as the total income of all household members except children under the age of 18 or full-time students.

Annual household income is based on the gross income from all sources for all household members, excluding those mentioned above, for the year 2020 for a US IRS form 1040 is available.  All income must be documented to fulfill eligibility requirements.

Household size 1


Household size 5


Household size 2


Household size 6


Household size 3


Household size 7


Household size 4


Household size 8


Household income shall include the gross amount of all wages, salaries, recurrent overtime, commissions, fees, capital gains, tips, and bonuses; interest and dividends; the full amount of recurrent periodic payments received from Social Security, pensions or other similar annuities; period public assistance payments, alimony, child support and any other payments or contributions which are received on a recurrent basis and which may be reasonably expected to continue.

Contact Lori Ryan, Director of Community Development at or call 856-456-0205 ext 217.  These funds are limited and are available on a first qualified, first-served basis.  Applications are qualified in the order that they are submitted. 

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